Chronological Series of Events
as Taken from Investigation Files

compiled by unknown member(s) of LE,
mounted on the wall of PCSO's 'Keddie Room'

Timeline "B"

June 1980

8006??-????b Johnny and Tim L. steal a lid of marijuana from David G.'s house. <Brubaker>

8012??-????b Johnny and Tim L. steal a lid of marijuana from David G.'s house. <Brubaker>

Prior to April 11, 1981

81????-????b Don Davis, Sue Sharp's brother, states Johnny smoked drugs and drank and fought a lot at school. To his knowledge, Johnny wasn't into heavy drug usage and he didn't have any unusually large amounts of money. (prior to April 11) <Crim>

81????-????b Dana Wingate bragged that his father provided him with all the dope that he and his friends could ever need, states Allen C.  (prior to April 11) <Wright>

81????-????b Dana smoked some marijuana, but was not dealing and was not into heavy drugs, states Kimberly M.  (prior to April 11) <Forcino>

81????-????b Joel P. states that he knew Dana at school, but he only knew Johnny by name, and relates that they smoked pot but he didn't think they were into "acid."  (prior to April 11) <Shanks>

81????-????b Johnny and Dana rumored to have stolen ten sheets of acid from someone, advises Carla M. and Allen C. (prior to April 11) <Wright> <Stoy>

81????-????b Patrick C. and Johnny Sharp were possibly involved together in the sale of "black beauties" around the high school, states Penny S. (prior to April 11) <Shanks> <Brubaker>

81????-????b Steve D. states that he "scored hash" from Martin S. on two occasions. Martin S. would also front hash to people he trusted and Martin S. makes hash. Steve D. has seen as much as a pound of hash in Martin S.'s house. (prior to April 11) <Leonard>

81????-????b Jeri Ann R. stated that Dana associated with "low-life" dopers. Stated that Dana was "not passive, not an easy-going person, and would react when confronted." (prior to April 11) <Marinovich>

81????-????b Dana and an unidentified fat girl are observed talking to two WMAs at the Chevron station near the phone booths, states Thomas X (prior to April 11) <Thomas> <Forcino>

81????-????b Bonnie C. states that there is a cocaine problem in Keddie and there is supposed to be a man bringing it in from Paradise once a week. (prior to April 11) <Crim>

81????-????b S. said that he heard a commotion and observed a man running rapidly towards his van and flailing his arms about. S. thought at first that the man had killed a deer and was deranged, having smeared blood all over (the man's) clothing, face and hands. S. stated that the man "looked like something out of a horror movie, I'd never seen that much blood in my life. He was covered. Literally saturated. He was also freaking out. "He had so much energy it was unbelievable. He was flailing his arms every which way and screaming something at me." S. kept saying that he had "never seem a man with so much energy." He said that he (S.) was "absolutely terrified". S. said that "It couldn't have been his blood (the man's) there was just too much of it. One man would have been dead. Or in serious shock. Not acting like a raving maniac" S. did not observe any visible injury to the man. So did not think it was the man's blood. S. described the man as a WMA Approximately ??? tall. Medium build brown hair conventionally cut both short and long wearing Levis a plaid shirt and ??? shoes. The man did not have on a hat and S. doesn't ? remember him wearing glasses. The man was over twenty years old and less than forty years old. (possibly 04/10/81 0200-0300) Spring 1981 (prior to April 11) NOTE-IT WAS DETERMINED THIS HAPPENED LONG BEFORE THE MURDERS <Wright>

Around February 1981 approx 10pm

8102??-????b Frank D. (cabin 13) stated that there was a hell of a fight between Sue and a man on a Friday night. Davis described the man as WMA, 35, about 4" taller than Sue, stocky build, and dark curly hair like an afro. Vehicle - 78/79 Chevrolet Blazer. White/green/white. (see Part II documentary for more information). (Around Feb 81, approx 10 pm) <Shanks>

April 9 1981

810409-1330b Thomas C. sees same two WMA's at the FRC Softball field. asking for some "blow". They were in a white "older" ford sedan <Thomas> <Forcino>

April 11 1981

810411-1200b S. leaves S. at the parking lot of the mall and S. states that Dana was en route to Keddie hitchhiking. Approximate time: after 12:00 p <Brubaker>

810411-1330b Sheila said that she, Ricky and her mother picked up Johnny and Dana at Gansner Park and drove home. Approximate time: 1:30 p <Bradley>

810411-1330b Johnny and Dana start hitchhiking into town, states Justin. Approximate time: 1:30 p <Thomas>

810411-1330b Richard M. states that he, Johnny and Dana visited John B. at Brown's Trailer Park. (afternoon) <Stoy>

810411-1330b "Sparky" 175-200 lbs, brown straight collar length hair. Wore blue jeans and a Harley-Davidson shirt and jacket. He was at John B's home with Richard M, Johnny, and Dana (1:30 p - 2:00 p) <Stoy>

810411-1330b Johnny and Dana leave the B. residence. They tell B. they are going to the foster home and then to Keddie. <Brubaker>

810411-1300b Johnny and Dana are picked up by Donna W. and given a ride from Big "O" Tires to Exxon. They tell Donna that they are going to the foster home and then to Keddie. (afternoon) <Shanks>

810411-1400b Donna W. stated that she was at the Exxon store on Crescent Street buying something and saw Henry T. there. They said hello to each other and left. Donna said Henry was driving his small red truck with the camper on the back. It was parked on the side of the store. Donna said Henry was buying food and was going to Gansner Park. Approximate time: 2:00 pm. <Crim>

810411-1300b Chuck W. advises that he and Henry T. went to Springtown to visit W's girlfriend, but she wasn't home. W said that they then drove around some and went to Caren G.'s house and visited with her for a few minutes outside. Approximate timeframe: all that is written on the timeline is AFTERNOON. <Stoy>

810411-1300b Chuck and Henry, after arriving in Livermore, went to Mark G.'s house where they drank some beer and visited with him, states Chuck. (afternoon) <Stoy>

810411-1300b Chuck and Henry visit with Kathy G. for about thirty minutes, outside her residence, states Kathy. (afternoon) <Stoy>

810411-1300b Chuck and Henry leave Kathy G's residence and go to Mark G's house in San Ramon. (afternoon) <Stoy>

810411-????b Chuck and Henry leave Livermore en route to Keddie. Chuck stated that they returned to the Quincy area alone.

810411-1545b Joe B. leaves Quincy for Susanville and Standish. Approximate time: 3:45 p <Brubaker>

810411-1630b Johnny and Dana arrived at foster home, advises Vernal M. Approximate time: 4:30 p <Leonard>

810411-1700b Walter M calls the Sharps for Johnny. Sue said that Johnny was at the foster home with Dana. Stated Nina M. Approximate time: after 5:00 or 6:00 p

810411-2000b Joe B. is in Susanville spending the night with Helen J. States Helen. 8:00 p <Harrison>

810411-2000b Thomas S., 23 years, Cabin # 14. His house is south of the Sharp house. He and his family came home approx. 2000 hrs. As he was entering his house, he looked toward the Sharp house and saw a female doing dishes in the kitchen sink. He stayed up until 0200 hours, but didn't hear anything unusual in the area. <Shaver>

810411-2000b Johnny and Dana are seen hitchhiking by the Exxon by William and Stephen G. Between 8:00 and 8:30 pm. <Shanks>

810411-2015b Betsy U. stopped and talked to Dana and Johnny as they were hitchhiking to Keddie from the Chevron station. Approximate time: 8:15 pm. <Shanks>

810411-2015b Sheila returns home to get her night clothes. Sue mentioned that the boys had gone back to town, states Sheila. Sue was lying on the couch. The Barbara Mandrell show was on, and Ricky, Greg and Justin were there. <Bradley> <Brubaker>

810411-2000b Johnny and Dana are seen hitchhiking in front of Exxon by Dana H. Neither appeared to have been drinking. Approximate time: between 8 and 8:30 pm. <Leonard>

810411-2000b David E. observered Dana and Johnny walking towards Keddie from the Exxon station.

810411-2030b Tina goes back over to the Seabolt's and watches TV. <Thomas>

810411-2030b Ricky said he and Justin came back to his home after playing. His mother Sue Sharp and his brother Greg started watching TV. Approximate time: 8:30 pm. <Crim>

810411-2030b Joey C. states to Cathy C. that he had picked up Dana and Johnny near the Exxon mini market on Crescent Street and had driven them to Keddie. Approximate time: "Night" <Carrillo> <Forcino>

810411-2100b A green van is seen parked in front of the Sharp residence by Paula and Pearl Seabolt. Approximate time: 9:00 pm <Stoy>

810411-2100b Sue, Ricky and Justin watch Love Boat on TV. Time: 9:00 pm. <Thomas> <Crim>

810411-2100b Marilyn advises that her husband, Martin S., kept saying that he was going to have to line up "Bo" with a woman. She stated that, "Sue is alone and all the kids are probably in bed" and she would probably like to go along. Approximate time: 9:00 pm. <Thomas>

810411-2100b Sue receives a call from Johnny and Dana. They would be home later, states Ricky Sharp. Approximate time: 9:00 pm. <Crim>

810411-2100b Dana and Johnny are hitchhiking toward Keddie by the Gold Pan Motel, states Donna W. Approximate time: 9:00 pm. <Shanks>

810411-2130b Johnny and Dana are picked up at the Exxon by Steve D. and are driven to the park near the airport looking for a party. Dana appeared to be drunk and told Steve he had been drinking something other than beer. Johnny, Dana and Steve drove through the park but did not see any parties. Steve stated he saw a brown car with two males, ages 21-30 years, with short to average length hair, parked in the park. Steve then dropped Johnny and Dana off. Approximate time: 9:30-9:45 pm. <Leonard> <Stoy>

810411-2130b Johnny and Dana are observed hitchhiking in front of Van Gas near the Exxon station by Jackie A. Approximate time: 9:30 or 10:00 pm. <Marinovich>

810411-2130b Jackie heard that Johnny and Dana might have been in east Quincy to score some grass. <Marinovich>

810411-2130b In an interview conducted on 2-7-85: Donna W. sees Johnny and Dana hitchhiking between the Gold Pan Motel and the Exxon market at around 9:30. Donna stated that she picked Johnny and Dana up and drove them to the Keddie turn off where she dropped them off and then she returned to Quincy. Approximate time: 9:30. <Crim>

810411-2130b Ricky said the telephone rang. it was a call for his mom. His mother said, "Who is this?" <Crim>

810411-2130b Tina asked James Seabolt, Sr, what time it was and then she went home, stated Seabolt. Approximate time: 9:30. 

810411-2130b Carl S. was told by Pete T. that Pete's daughter, Kathy, told him that a 17-year-old boy with the last name Joy or Jory had picked up Johnny and Dana and took them to Keddie. The 17-year-old boy had either seen or was told about a fight between Johnny and Dana and two Indian males. The Indians had supposedly said that if they did not get what they wanted, they would kill Johnny and his family. <Forcino>

810411-2130b Ricky said his mother was lying on the couch watching TV and was wearing a towel robe. She was also wearing her glasses. <Crim>

810411-2135b David E. and Joey C. drove into Exxon mini market to buy some food. On the way out Joey saw Dana and Johnny hitchhiking near the Van Gas building next to the station. David stopped and talked to Dana and Johnny as they were hitchhiking at the Exxon station. They wanted some grass or beer and a ride as they were going to Keddie. David told them he didn't have enough gas to get to Keddie and back so he didn't give them a ride. David states he could not remember what Johnny was wearing, but remembers that Dana had on his blue windbreaker jacket with red and white stripes on the sleeves. <Stoy>

810411-2140b Tina asked James S Sr. what time it was and then she went home. Stated James Sr. Approximate time: 9:40 pm. <Bradley>

810411-2145b David E. said John and Dana went back to hitchhiking at the Van Gas building. Approximate time: 9:45 pm. 

810411-2145b Tina was wearing a blue shirt, blue pants and tennis shoes before going to bed at this time, states Justin. Approximate time: 9:45 pm. <Thomas>

810411-2145b Justin S. said Tina went to bed. <Brubaker> <Crim>

810411-????b Vicky (last name unknown) told Lucie S. that there was a party located "coming from Quincy, across the first bridge before getting to Keddie." The party was "somewhere back of there." (evening) <Brubaker>

810411-????b Anonymous citizen said that he had heard rumors of an acid party in Keddie fives doors south of the store, and if there was an acid party in Meadow Valley it would be at Roger S's residence. (evening)

810411-????b Rodney Sidney L. states he heard there was a party in Keddie but he didn't know who had the party. (evening) <Shanks>

810411-????b Janey S. states that Renee Wingate had told her that there was an acid party in Keddie. <Brubaker>

810411-2200b Larry A. stated that he was with Tim W. , Wendy V., Michelle S., John H. and Vaughn R. and saw Dana and Johnny walking by the Chevron station. Andrea said he and F. checked the time on the Placer Savings clock and it was 10:00 pm. Dana and Johnny did not appear to be drinking. <Leonard>

810411-2200b Marilyn S. said that she and Martin S. and Bo went to the Back Door Bar. Approximate time: 10 pm <Crim> <Thomas> <Brubaker>

810411-2200b Martin S. stated that the only thing he noticed was that the street in front of the Sharp residence seemed to be darker than usual. Approximate time: 10 pm to 2 am <Crim>

810411-2200b Fantasy Island was on TV when Justin fell asleep. <Crim> <Thomas>

810411-2200b Timothy D. left the Backdoor Bar and saw a van, dark color, square-shaped, parked across the bridge by the pond on the right side. En route to Keddie he saw no one walking or hitchhiking. After leaving Keddie he saw only the van. Approximate time: 10:00 pm to midnight. <Crim>

810411-2230b Joey C. said Wendy H. saw Johnny and Dana on First Street. Approximate time: 10:30 pm <Marinovich>

810411-2230b Donna W. tells (Mr. Doris, Dana's foster dad?) that she, Donna, picked up Dana and Johnny in front of the Exxon and drove them to Keddie. About 10:30 pm <Stoy>

810411-????b Donna W. states that when she saw Sue Sharp at the Sharp house, that she was dressed like she was ready to go out.

810411-2230b Dana G. attends a bar-b-que at Dan W's residence and leaves with his roommate, Barry G. Approximate time: 10:30 pm - midnight. <Stoy>

810411-????b An older gray station wagon, make unknown, is observed parked off the pavement, in the dirt at the Keddie Backdoor Bar, by Yvonne W. It was parked with the front end toward the hotel. It was there when Yvonne arrived and still there when she left. <Crim>

810411-????b Barbara W. (L.N.U.) told Kathy T. that she observed Dana at a party. (prior to 11 pm) <Marinovich>

810411-????b Martin S. heard street talk that a bunch of weed and LSD had come into Quincy and heard of some kind of drug party that night somewhere in the area. <Crim

810411-2250b Martin S. observes two subjects, described as white males, bearded, "hippie types," leaving the Backdoor Bar and getting into an old pickup truck. Approximate time: 10:50-11:00 pm. <Crim>

810411-????b Johnny and Dana may have attended a party at George J.'s house at the Evergreen Trailer Park, states an anonymous source. <Crim>

810411-????b Karl S. states that he saw Johnny Sharp and Dana Wingate at Roger's party in Meadow Valley. He states that he had seen both boys about town before. That's how he knew them.

810411-????b Karl S., while at a party in Meadow Valley, saw a "dark colored nice car" with "San Rafael" on the license plate holder. Two clean-cut men with photo-ray glasses were apparently selling dope from the car. Karl said that Johnny and Dana were at the party. He knew the boys from around town. He also knew Tina and Sue Sharp. The dark car and a small tan car left for Keddie possibly with the boys. <Wright>

810411-????b Dana and Johnny are at a party at Brian C.'s house in East Quincy on Lee Road. Drugs and alcohol were consumed at this party.

810411-????b Two unidentified male subjects from Oroville are at Brian C.'s party. Subjects are described as "weird types." One subject was driving a black pickup truck with red stripes on the side and the other subject was driving a small, tan, compact vehicle, possibly a Ford Pinto.

810411-????b Brian C. said that Danny S. took the keg over and the stereo over to Brian's and then Danny took the stereo home after the party. <Crim>

810411-????b Danny S. stated that the party at Brian's didn't materialize, so they drank the keg and played cards at his house next door (stated in an interview on 2-7-85). <Crim>

810411-????b Danny S. then stated he doesn't remember a party at Brian C's, but maybe there could have been one. S. stated the he often let the C's use his stereo when they had parties (interview 2/7/85) <Crim>

810411-????b Karl S. stated that on the way to Keddie the dark Sedan had a flat on the left front wheel. The car had a square rear end with "San Rafael" on the license bracket. Just before Karl got to Keddie he saw the little brown car parked to the side of the road.

810411-????b The brown car drove past the Sharp residence, then turned left down the hill. Karl doesn't know where it went. He didn't see any car lights anywhere. Karl stayed for about 15-20 minutes, then drove past the Sharp residence. The black car was still parked in the same place. There was a yellow bug light, which was lit, on the front of the Sharp house. He didn't see the brown car again. <Crim>

810411-2300b Karl S. stated that on his way back to Greenville was when he saw the black car with the flat tire. He thinks this was the same car he had seen the week before at Meadow Valley. When he got to the Keddie exit, he saw the small brown car parked just east of Keddie. This car was small, like a Vega, Datsun, or something similar. He thinks this is the same car that was at Meadow Valley the week before. Approximate time: 11:00-11:30 pm. <Crim>

810411-????b Danny S. maintains that he doesn't remember being at Brian's party, but said that he had been drinking a lot that night and that could account for his loss of memory of the party. Danny said he remembers the keg and the stereo and playing cards at his house until around 4 in the morning, but no party. (interview 2/7/85) <Crim>

810411-????b Clyde (?) S. related that he had a party at his residence on Lee Road. S. states that Steve D. was at his party. S. does not believe that Frank A. was attended the party. <Leonard>

810411-????b Sheila Sharp later said that Ken and Robert saw Johnny and Dana hitchhiking near a green bridge, possibly near Butterfly. Ken and Robert were going to give them a ride, but they had a car full. <Crim>

810411-2300b Sheila went to bed at the Seabolt's residence. Approximate time: around 11 pm. <Bradley>

810411-2310b Connie B. had gone past the Sharp's and thinks a light was on in the residence. Approximate time: 11:10 pm. <Brubaker>

810411-2300b Art J. (Cabin 11) said he went back to the resort and bought two beers and then returned home with them. Approximate time: 11:00 - 11:30 pm <Bradley>

810411-2300b Kenneth M. said Ken T. and Dan R. told him they saw Dana and Johnny on Meadow Valley Rd. Approximate time: 11:00 - 11:30 pm

810411-2310b David and Joey made one more pass through town. They went by Exxon again, but did not see Dana and Johnny hitchhiking as they were no longer there. Approximate time: 11:10 pm. <Stoy>

810411-2315b Two unidentified male subjects knocked on Margot B.'s apartment, # 208, at F.R.C. apartments, asking, "Where does J.R. live?" Date: 4/11/81. Approximate time: 11:15 pm. Subjects described as looking "wild and ragged, with wild looks in their eyes." Both had parts down the center of their heads. One was short with a mustache and the other was tall and clean-shaven. Geramie R. J., known as J.R., said she had no idea who the two men matching the composites might be or why they would be asking for her. She says she uses "coke and marijuana," but never had any for sale. [reported to Dennis Forcino. During the filming of the documentary, Forcino chose not to participate. The filmmakers were told by several of the ex-cops that Mr. Forcino left the force due to the struggle and/or personal trauma of working on this case]. <Thomas>

810411-2330b Frank A., Jr., observed three people walking toward Keddie past his residence. The two in front were short, and the third following behind was a male and approximately 6' foot tall. Approximate time: 11:30 pm. <Leonard>

810411-2330b Jan A. said that the light in front of the Sharp residence was normally on. When her brother-in-law, Les H., passed the Sharp's, both front lights were off. Approximate time: 11:30 pm. <Crim>

810411-2330b Donald Davis drove past the Sharp's. He didn't see any lights on inside and he doesn't think the outside lights were on either. Approximate time: 11:30 - 11:45. <Crim>

810411-2330b Unidentified male states to Allen C. that he didn't notice anything unusual at the Sharp residence, except that a truck was parked there. Approximate time: 11:30 - midnight.

April 12 1981

810412-????b Justin told heis mother someone had a sweatsauit on. Johnny's hands were tied and there was blood all over his face. He talked about the tv. He said Johnny and Dana came in at midnight. Approximate time: Midnight. <Crim>

810412-????b John H stated that Wendy H. saw Dana hitchhiking in East Quincy. <Day>

810412-????b John and Pat W. leave the Backdoor Bar. They encounter a vehicle approaching Keddie at the narrow bridge. Approximate time: midnight. <Stoy>

810412-????b Karl S. stated that he followed the two cars to Keddie in his van. The blue LTD or similar car was parked in front of the residence just south of the Sharp residence. The light-colored small car drove past the Sharp residence and turned left. Karl drove past the blue car and the Sharp residence. He saw that the inside lights were on and the curtains were drawn and the orange porch light was on the front porch. Then Karl turned down the same street as the smaller car and he couldn't see it anywhere. Karl drove to the pond across the bridge and parked there to wait for the vehicles to come out. The vehicles never came out, so he left and went straight to the Pioneer Bar in Greenville. Approximate time: midnight. <Stoy> <Wright>

810412-1330b Anonymous caller advised that he heard that a railroad worker and another subject went to Keddie from Livermore. Anonymous caller further advises that the railroad worker and friend then went to the Sharp house and "started playing a game" with the Sharps and Dana and then tied them up. Reported to Crim. (see Part II documentary for more information)

810412-????b Marilyn related that after returning from the bar, her husband said "Yo, Bo, let's go." And Bo said, "Just a minute, I am too mad. Boy, the way I feel, I'd like to kill somebody." Marilyn said that she went directly to bed. Reported to Thomas and Crim. 

810413-????b Marilyn's husband "hated Johnny Sharp with a passion," states Marilyn. Reported to Thomas and Crim. 

810412-????b "Bo" states that he didn't hear or see anything unusual while passing the Sharp residence. 

810412-????b Martin S. and Bo return to the Back Door Bar after leaving Marilyn's home. 

810412-0100b Connie B. drives past the Sharps and believes the lights were out at that time. Approximate time: 1:00 am. 

810412-0130b Michael P. was awakened by Barbara M. in their cabin (# 16). They heard what he described as muffled screams coming from the direction at the rear of their house. Approximate time: 1:30 am. Reported to Thomas. 

810412-????b Bo and Kathy A. said that Martin S. left the Backdoor Bar. 

810412-????b Martin S. said "Bo" was in bed when he got up to put wood in the fire.

810413-????b Terry A. said that he knew that Martin S. and another guy who he (Terry) didn't know had done the murders. A also said that it was because of a big dope deal and someone was at the wrong place. Reported to Forcino on 5/28/81. 

810529-????b Michael B. said that the composites looked like Martin S. for one and the one other like John S. or Wade Dale M. Both attend FRC and were strange individuals. Reported to Forcino on 5/29/81. 

810501-????b Carla M. states that she heard that Johnny and Dana had stolen ten sheets of acid from someone and that was why they were killed. Reported to Stoy on 5/1/81. 

810602-????b Art P. states that Joe C., former forest service employee, resembles the composite of the long-haired person. Reported to Brubaker on 6/2/81. 

810708-????b Photo of Henry T. is shown to Justin. Justin stated that he could not identify the man from the photos. Reported by Stoy on 7/8/81. (see Part II documentary for more information)

810708-????b Chuck W. submits to polygraph examination. Examiner Sam Lister states that Chuck is telling the truth and was not involved in the homicides, nor does he know who did commit the crimes. Reported by Stoy on 7/8/81. (see Part II documentary for more information)

811102-????b Charles (last name unknown) told Lucie S. that he has been told to "keep his mouth shut," and that someone had gone to his home and threatened his family. If they said anything they would get what Johnny and Dana got. Note: Charles LNU might possible be Charles M. Reported to Brubaker around 11/02/81. 

840421-????b Ronald Pedrini while bottle hunting near Feather Falls, Butte County, finds the upper portion of a skull. Note: Ronald Pedrini used to live in the Berry Creek area. Reported by Crim on 4/21/84. 

810520-????b Butte County Sheriff's Office received a call from an anonymous male stating that "the skull was from the missing twelve year old girl from the Keddie Plumas County murders which occurred about two years ago." Reported by Crim on 5/20/84.