Chronological Series of Events
as Taken from Investigation Files

Timeline "A"

compiled by unknown member(s) of LE


April 1979

7904??-????a After Sue left her husband, Jim, she drove to somewhere in Missouri where her mother-in-law lived. She stayed approximately two weeks and then came to Quincy.

May 1979

7905??-????a Sue and her children rented space 27A at Claremont Trailer Park, formerly rented by Sue’s brother, Don.

7905??-????a A man named Randall dated Sue two times while she lived at Claremont. He had not seen her for over one year at the time of her murder.

July 4, 1979

790704-????a A man named Julian R. attempts to rape a female neighbor of the Sharp family in Keddie.

October 1979

7910??-????a Lucille S. is Dana Wingate’s counselor at Foster Home until early in the summer of 1980.

1980 (date unknown)

80????-????a The man suspected of molesting Tina Sharp moves to the Maple Leaf Bar in Belden. (date unknown)

80????-????a Dana Wingate is placed on probation, one year before the murders, for slashing $7,000 work of tires at Nugget Motors. (date unknown)

June 1980

8006??-????a A man named David says that Johnny and a boy named Tim entered his house and stole a lid of marijuana on this date and again in December 1980.

8006??-????a A woman named Kathy and Chuck W. move to Livermore after having lived together in Quincy.

Summer of 1980

8006??-????a A woman named Nancy of the Downtown Trailer Park says that her daughter did not stay with Tina after the summer of 1980. (summer 1980)

August 1980

8008??-????a Carl K. and Michelle M. move to Keddie. One of the bar employees thinks Carl looks like one of the composites of the killers.

November 1980

8011??-????a Sue Sharp and her children move to Cabin 28 in Keddie.

Dates Unknown

8011??-????a Richard M. and Walter M. are seen at the Sharp residence two or three times. (between 11/80 & 3/81)

8011??-????a Joe B. had been to the Sharp residence once. (between 11/80 & 3/81)

8011??-????a Sue Sharp takes daughter Sheila to Oregon to have a baby. Johnny stayed with Nina M. while his mother was gone. (between 11/80 & 3/81)

December 1980

8012??-????a A man named David says Johnny and Tim entered his house occupied with Rose B., a school bus driver, and stole a lid of marijuana (also stole one in June 1980). Tim’s father paid his son’s half but Johnny never paid his $25 debt. Johnny was with a guy named “Wolf,” who now lives in Portola. It was Wolf who took the marijuana, without Johnny’s knowledge, from Rose. Joe C. told Rose who was involved and Johnny and Wolf worked the matter out.

January 1981

8101??-????a Steve M. left a duffel bag and contents and sunglasses with Banier Heater in Spring Garden, three months before the murders.

8101??-????a Phillip S. stayed at the Sharp residence once in January.

February 1981

8102??-????a Robert M. becomes big brother to Dana (two months before murders).

8102??-????a Joe B. met Sue at the bowling alley about six weeks prior to murders. He saw her only two times, but talked to her on the telephone several times.

8102??-????a Steve M. and his mother came to California from Illinois to see relation Scott M., who was living in a cabin near Twain. Steve later went to the Reno hospital as he is crazy. Steve does not have a car and he does not drive.

8102??-????a Julian R. goes to Mexico for a four-week visit.

February 28, 1981

810228-????a Kelly M. Of Burlingame is visiting her girlfriend, Kathy, in Quincy and meets Dana Wingate. This is the only day that Kelly meets Dana, but they continue a relationship by letters and telephone.

March 13, 1981 (week of)

810313-????a Marty Smartt (later referred to as 'Person of Interest', or Marty Smartt), who is married to Marilyn and lives in Cabin 26 in Keddie, meets, supposedly for the first time, Severin John "Bo" Boubede at the VA Hospital in Reno (see Part II documentary for more information). (week of March 13)

March 1981 (3-4 weeks before murders)

8103??-????a Mike moves out of Cabin 13 (see Part II documentary for more information). (3-4 weeks before the murder)

March 1981 (2-3 weeks before murders)

8103??-????a Jack, who lives across from the Wheelers, asked James S. Jr. to get Sue so she could meet his friend, Daryl J. (2-3 weeks before the murder)

8103??-????a Julian R. returns to his cabin in Keddie after a four-week visit to Mexico. (2-3 weeks before the murder)

March 1981

8103??-????a Daryl J. moves to Keddie four weeks before the murders and works for a D&B Tunnel gang for the WPRR.

8103??-????a Johnny Sharp and a boy named Patrick had reportedly been selling “black beauties” around the high school a few weeks before the murders.

8103??-????a The man suspected of molesting Tina Sharp sees Sue and Daryl J. playing pool with “Suede” at the Maple Leaf Bar, in Belden, the last two weeks of March.

8103??-????a Chuck W. and Kathy G. break up and Chuck moves back to Quincy.

8103??-????a Severin John “Bo” Boubede comes to Marty Smartt’s to stay as they were planning a sales campaign for a business in Oregon.

April 1, 1981

810401-????a Robert M., Dana’s big brother, leaves to visit mother in Los Angeles.

810401-????a Carl K. and Michelle M. move from Keddie. They were friends with Mike D. and Martell B., who lived next to the Sharp family. Carl matches the light-haired composite picture according to some sources and he drove an old green phone company type van (see Part II documentary for more information).

april 1981 (week before murders)

8104??-????a David E. picks up Johnny and Dana at the Exxon Station and gives them a ride to Keddie. (week before murders)

8104??-????a David R. of the Maple Leaf Bar says Daryl J. brought Sue to the bar twice the week before the murders, three days apart. (week before murders)

8104??-????a Alysa S. starts dating Dana Wingate. They only see each other at or around the Sharp residence. (week before murders)

April 9, 1981

810409-????a Sue Sharp meets "Bo" at Marty Smartt’s residence. Wade M. had earlier introduced Marty Smartt to Sue.

April 9 or 10, 1981

810409-????a FRC student Steven L. leaves his Keddie dorm room for Easter vacation. (April 9 or 10)

April 10, 1981 (time unknown)

810410-????a The man suspected of molesting Tina Sharp moves to Hill Top Bonanza Ranch Park, Reno.

810410-????a Chuck W. and Henry T. visit Mark G. in Livermore (for more information, see Part II documentary).

810410-????a Cayse C. picks up Johnny and Dana hitchhiking and takes them to First and Main Streets, E. Quincy.

810410-????a Sterling M. of the Foster Home trades boots with Dana Wingate.

11:00 am

810410-1100a Gary B., FRC student, left room 18 of Keddie dorm for Bay Area.

6:00 pm

810410-1800a Daryl J. says he stopped at the Maple Leaf Bar enroute to Paradise to visit his ex-wife, and stayed for Clamper’s function on 4-11.

Time unknown

810410-????a Luclia S. says she gave Johnny and Dana a ride to a party in Meadow Valley this night. (unk evenening)

810410-????a Richard M. says Johnny Sharp spent every Friday night at his residence, including this date. (unk evenening)

April 11, 1981

9:30 am

810411-0930a Sue, Sheila, Ricky, Greg and Justin drive to Quincy. Sue drops Ricky and Justin off at ball practice at field adjacent to Gansner Park and then drives to the Meeks residence. Sheila walks to Alice T.’s residence (Alice is Henry T.’s sister).

Morning (time unknown)

810411-????a Karl goes to the Morning Dew (Morning Thunder) to contact “Dana.” “Dana” is a WMA, 18-22, dark brown shoulder length hair, mustache, starting a beard with a space between the ends of the mustache and beard. “Dana” said he was picking up drugs at a party in Meadow Valley. (unk morning)

10:15 am

810411-1015a Sue telephoned Sheila at Alice T.’s house. Sue, Sheila and Greg then drove toward home. They picked up Johnny and Dana, who had been hitchhiking near Gansner Park.

11:00 am

810411-1100a Michelle C. arrives at Back Door Bar to bartend.

810411-1100a Richard M. says he was with Johnny at the Holiday Market from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm when one of the Dorises drove up and let Dana out and then the three of them went to visit John B. (note: times conflict with Sheila’s, who says they returned home at noon).

12:00 noon

810411-1200a Sue, Sheila, Greg, Johnny and Dana arrive home in Keddie. Tina had remained home and was there upon their return.

810411-1200a Justin goes to the Sharp house and he and Ricky ride bikes until about 6:00 pm.

810411-1200a Eugene S. says he met Dana around noon walking toward town. They bought a six-pack and drank it while walking around town. Dana wanted to see Susan K. and the last time he saw Dana he was hitchhiking to Keddie (doesn’t match other statements).

12:00 Noon – 3:00 pm

810411-1200a John B. says Johnny and Dana came to his place between noon and 3 p.m. They left at about 3 and said they were going to the Foster Home and then to Keddie (matches Richard M.’s times somewhat, but conflicts again with Sheila’s times). (noon-3pm)

1:00 pm

810411-1300a Donna W. says she picked up Johnny and Dana at the Roadrunner and took them to Exxon. They said they were going to Johnny’s (Donna’s statements not always accurate).

1:30 pm

810411-1330a Johnny puts on a purple jogging suit with white stripes and headband. Dana is wearing the same thing. Both hitchhike to Quincy.

810411-1330a Sue goes inside to watch TV. Sheila was outside talking to Alysa S. and Tina was in the Seabolt cabin.

Late afternoon

810411-1500a Paula S. and Tina are walking to the store and see a small brown car with stripes. Tina recognizes her mom in the passenger seat and waves it down. Paul recognizes the driver as Daryl J. Sue said they were going to Daryl’s house. Paula is sure it is April 11 because she “later” saw Sue, Johnny and Dana cleaning up the front yard. (late afternoon)

5:00 pm

810411-1700a Sue, Ricky, Greg and Justin had burritos for dinner. Ricky, Greg, and Justin ate in the kitchen. Sue was on the couch in the living room.

810411-1700a Sheila goes to the Seabolt residence and spends the night.

5:15 – 5:30 pm

810411-1715a Ricky and Justin go outside and play “ditch” with Paula S. and Casey.

Early evening

810411-1800a Alysa S. started cooking dinner at the Seabolt residence and Sheila remained there and ate dinner with the Seabolts. (early evening)

5:50 pm

810411-1750a Johnny and Dana left the Foster Home after a visit to go to Kathy B.’s for a ride back to Keddie.

6:00 pm

810411-1800a Justin and Ricky quit riding their bikes and go into the Sharp residence.

810411-1800a Margaret F. was at the Keddie restaurant with her husband, and had gone up the stairs to use the bathroom when she met a WMA. He was very nervous, first up and then down the stairs. He was 5’6 to 5’9 with a neatly trimmed mustache, tan dress hat, blue jacket, tan trousers. He appeared to be in his forties, was bleary-eyed, but was not drunk.

810411-1800a Robert P. and Bobby W. see Johnny and Dana in front of Plumas Motor Supply.

6:00 – 6:30 pm

810411-1800a James Jones sees a flat black truck or van park next to the propane tank west of his house. The vehicle is a ’57-58, old paint, rounded shape, medium size half ton with no windows in back. The driver is 27-28, 6’, or taller, slender, with dirty blonde hair. (6-6:30 pm)

6:30 – 6:45 pm

810411-1830a Johnny and Dana arrived at Kathy B.’s apartment in East Quincy to get a ride to Keddie. (6:30-6:45 pm)

810411-1830a Johnny had a week-old black eye and was wearing a red bandana and Dana’s blue vest. Dana gave himself an insulin shot while there. Neither was intoxicated. (6:30-6:45 pm)

6:30 – 7:00 pm

810411-1830a Lucie S. sees Dana coming from the area of FR apartments. He was wearing a blue with wide tan striped shirt, light cord pants and a cowboy hat. (contradicts other statements). (6:45-7:00 pm)

810411-1830a The driver of the van parked west of James J.’s cabin returns and leaves in the van. (6:45-7:00 pm)

6:45 pm

810411-1845a John G. sees Dana and Johnny walking toward Lawrence Street.

810411-1845a Dale M., Blaine G. and Phillip S. go to a square dance class at FRC.

7:00 pm

810411-1900a Margaret D., cabin 4, goes to work at the Keddie restaurant kitchen.

7:30 pm

810411-1930a Tina came home from the Seabolt’s and washed the dishes and returned to the Seabolt’s.

810411-1930a Ricky and Justin quit playing “ditch” after about two hours and go back inside the Sharp house.

7:30 – 7:40 pm

810411-1930a Kathy B.’s mother called her for dinner and the boys said they would hitchhike. (7:30-7:45 pm)

7:30 – 10:00 pm

810411-1930a Carolyn C. was at the Mt. Hough party and did not see Johnny or Dana. (7:30-10:00 pm)

8:00 – 8:30 pm

810411-2000a Greg goes to bed about 8:30 pm and sleeps on the bottom bunk.

8:00 – 9:00 pm

810411-2000a Sheila went home for night clothes and returned to the Seabolt’s 10-15 minutes later. Sue said Johnny and Dana had gone back to town. (8:00-9:00 pm)

8:15 pm

810411-2015a Betsy U. sees Johnny and Dana hitchhiking on Hwy 70, just past the Exxon in Quincy.

8:30 pm

810411-2030a Ted K. and Beverly M., cabin 5, went to bed.

810411-2030a Paula V., cabin 18, goes to bed. She usually lets her dog inside, but this night she left it outside.

810411-2030a Ricky and Justin come into the Sharp house after playing outside and started to watch TV. Sue and Greg were there when they came in.

810411-2030a Yvonne W. sees an older light grey station wagon parked off the paved area, down in the dirt, behind the Back Door Bar.

8:30 -9:00 pm

810411-2030a Don F. attended a party on Mt. Hough with Jack G. and Carol C. Did not see Johnny or Dana. (8:30-9:00 pm)

8:45 – 9:00 pm

810411-2045a Dale “Wade” M., Blaine G., and Phillip S. leave FRC. Phillip is drunk, so Dale drops him off at the Methodist Church where Phillip was staying. (8:45-9:00pm)

9:00 pm

810411-2100a Tina went home from the Seabolt residence at the conclusion of the Barbara Mandrell Show on TV.

810411-2100a Mrs. Meeks telephoned Sue and said Johnny and Dana would be home later. Sue was wearing a towel robe (see pictures in Part II documentary). **NOTE: Mrs. Meeks personally has repeatedly refuted this entry. She has stated "I did not call Sue that night. The last time I talked to Sue was when she left my house."

810411-2100a Paula S. sees a green van parked around the Sharp house about 9:00 pm, after dark, but she did not see anyone around it.

810411-2100a Donna W. is in Tami S.’s car with Debbie E. and Penny W. They are going from Gansner Park to the Mineral Building when Donna saw Johnny and Dana hitchhiking toward Keddie by the Exxon station.

9:00 pm (sometime after)

810411-2100a Sue Sharp puts on a white robe with blue and yellow flowers. Loveboat was on TV. (after 9pm)

9:00 – 9:30 pm

810411-2100a Tina comes home from the Seabolt’s and goes to bed. Tina was wearing a blue t-shirt and blue jeans. Ricky later says Tina came home about 9:45 pm. (9:00-9:30 pm)

810411-2100a The Sharp’s telephone rang, and Sue said, “Who is this?” (9:00-9:30 pm)

9:35 pm

810411-2135a David E. and Joey C. leave the Exxon and see Johnny and Dana hitchhiking near Van Gas. They stop and talk for 5-10 minutes. Dana asks how the party is going on Mt. Hough. David believes they were at the party earlier, but did not see them.

9:30 – 10:00 pm

810411-2130a Karl S. leaves the Greenville show and drives to Meadow Valley. He sees “Dana” and another man, “John” or “Jake,” and inside were two WMAs, well dressed, and two other WMAs. The six got into a dark blue LTD and a small car and Karl followed them to Quincy and then to Keddie. (9:30-10:00 pm)

10:00 pm

810411-2200a Ricky and Justin go to bed after watching Loveboat. They talk for ten minutes and Ricky goes to sleep. He says he did not wake during the night.

810411-2200a Justin confirms that he and Ricky went to bed after Loveboat at 10:00 pm. He slept on the top bunk and Ricky slept on the bottom bunk.

810411-2200a Bo and Marty Smartt and Marilyn walk past the Sharp residence on their way to the Back Door Bar.

810411-2200a Paula V. is awakened by her dog barking toward the vacant lot behind the Sharp residence. She looks at the clock and goes to sleep.

810411-2200a Richard M. goes to the arcade in Quincy and meets Angus L., Steve D., and Mike H.

810411-2200a Steve D. arrives at the arcade and tells Richard M. he had just given Dana and Johnny a ride to the park and then back to the Exxon.

810411-2200a One man left the Back Door Bar. Nancy D. described him as a WMA, unclean, 5’6, under 150, dark brown hair, stubble on face and possibly a mustache, wearing a floppy faded denim hat, faded blue jeans, and blue jean jacket.

810411-2200a Karl Spang leaves Greenville at 10:00 pm and goes to a party at a trailer house in Meadow Valley. Saw “Dana” and his partner and a dark sedan with San Rafael license bracket and a little brown car. Says there was a keg of beer at the party. Saw what he thought was a drug deal going down. All six persons left the party in the two cards. He says he followed them to Keddie. In a later interview he says the party was a week before and gave other inconsistencies (note: the “Dana” above is not Dana Wingate).

10:10 – 10:15 pm

810411-2210a David E. and Joey C. drive back past Van Gas and see Johnny and Dana again walking toward Keddie. (10:10-10:15 pm)

11:00 pm

810411-2300a James Seabolt Jr. goes to bed. Did not hear any noise or vehicles on the street.

810411-2300a Zonita Seabolt (mother) goes to bed.

810411-2300a Sheila Sharp goes to bed at the Seabolt’s.

810411-2300a While enroute to Keddie with Connie B., Kevin B. sees Johhny and Dana hitchhiking toward Quincy.

11:30 pm

810411-2330a Arthur J. walks from his cabin to Back Door Bar and buys two beers.

810411-2330a The light in the front yard at the Sharp residence was off when Les H. walks past. It was normally on.

April 12, 1981


810411-????a Vickie K., cabin 17, awakens in a chair, gets up, and goes to bed. She doesn’t hear anything, but the neighbors remark it was strange that the dogs in the area didn’t bark.

810411-????a Timothy D. leaves the Back Door Bar and enroute, sees a dark color, square-shaped van parked across the Keddie bridge by the pond.

810411-????a Julian R. goes to bed in his cabin. He says “it was very quiet.” Usually his neighbor’s dog barks loudly when cars are around, but the dog did not bark at all. There were not many people driving around.

810411-????a Justin tells his mother, Marilyn, that Johnny and Dana came home at midnight (how known?)

810411-????a Karl S. follows the two cars from Meadow Valley to Keddie. The blue LTD parks in front of the house just south of the Sharp residence. The small car went past the Sharps and turned left. Karl then drives his blue and primer ’67 Chevrolet van across the bride to the pond and waits for the vehicles to come out. He waits long enough to smoke a “joint” and then leaves and drives to the Pioneer Bar in Greenville. He also admits making up parts of a previous statement to a deputy.

Sometime during the night

810412-????a Justin purports to have a dream, which he describes the two suspects having a fight with Johnny and Dana. He says one suspect took tape from his right pocket, and one of the suspects called Mrs. Sharp “Sue.” (sometime during the night)

1:00 am

810412-0100a Eric R., Bobby J., and Lisa H quit playing records at the Back Door Bar.

810412-0100a Marty Smartt gets mad at the bar because the music is changed from Country Western to rock and roll so he and his wife Marilyn and “Bo” Boubede leave and walk home past the Sharp residence (see Part II documentary for more information).

810412-0100a Connie B. leaves the B. residence to return to Quincy. Has the “weird” feeling she is being watched.

1:15 am

810412-0115a Marty Smartt and “Bo” Boubede return to the Back Door Bar, again walking past the Sharp residence, after Marty Smartt calls and apologizes. Marilyn goes to bed.

810412-0115a Barbara M. wakes Michael P., cabin 16, after hearing sounds. Both of them heard what sounded like muffled screams from the rear of their cabin. Digital clock showed 1:15 am.

2:00 am

810412-0200a Victor K., cabin 23, says his three cats were acting strangely and kept going in and out. He had to get up from watching TV and let them in and out. Normally they sleep all night.

2:20 am

810412-0230a Kathy A. leaves the Back Door Bar. She is the bartender on Friday and Saturday nights and works weekdays at Nugget Motors. As she approaches her Olds Cutlass parked in the NW corner of the parking lot, she heard a noise like someone putting something into a car and she heard a male and female voice. Kathy dropped her car keys.

4:00 am

810412-0400a Kathy B., cabin 24, gets up from sleeping and sees the back porch light on at the Sharps residence.

8:00 am

810412-0800a Sheila Sharp leaves the Seabolt residence for home. She came back hysterical, saying, “Come quick, there are three bodies over there, blood all over, and a knife, and their hands are tied.”

8:30 am

810412-0830a Sheila and James Seabolt Jr. open Ricky and Greg’s bedroom window and tell them and Justin to get out through the window.

810412-0830a Ricky was awakened by Sheila at the bedroom window. He didn’t wake up or hear any noise during the night.

Time unknown

810412-0830a Marilyn says Justin came home and said he saw the bodies and Johnny was protecting his mother. He said that Johnny and Dana came in at midnight, but insisted that he was asleep (how known?)

810412-0830a Dee Lake’s car is observed at Marty Smartt’s residence (for more information, see Part II documentary).

7:00 – 8:00 pm

810412-1900a Dale “Wade” M., Blaine G. and Phillip S. go to Keddie to visit Marilyn.

Time unknown

810412-1700a Phillip S. was collecting money for slain victims in front of Thrifty Drug, saying he was a friend of theirs. (time unkown)

April 13th, 1981

6:00 pm

810413-1800a Judith L. and her daughter see Marty Smartt walking east bound on Hwy 70 in Portola. He was carrying a backpack and bed roll and wearing a green fatigue jacket.

April 14th, 1981

810414-????a “Bo” Boubede leaves Marty Smartt’s residence and goes to Klamath Falls, OR.

April 14 or 15, 1981

810414-????a Daryl J. returns to the Maple Leaf Bar. When David R. asks about Sue, Daryl replies, “Don’t you read the paper? She was murdered.”

April 16th, 1981

810416-????a James Sharp arrives in Reno from Connecticut, rents a car, and drives to Quincy for the funerals. He stays with Don and Nancy D. Later, he went to Oregon until the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

April 20th, 1981

810420-????a DOJ agents are at the Round Table Pizza and hear two subjects talking about Tina. They left in a green and white ’66 Ford pickup.

May 22, 1981

810422-????a Cheryl J. telephoned the PCSO and said that a friend thought one of the composite sketches looked like John S.

June 13 -17, 1981

8106??-????a Ronald L. says Steve M. stayed at his place in Twain on June 13 to the 17th, 1981. Steve wore dark brown or black cowboy boots with a squiggly design on the toes, a fold-up knife and shaded sunglasses with metal frames.

August 12th, 1981

810812-????a Ramona, Dee Lake’s wife, receives a card from Marty Smartt saying “Bo” Boubede was dead. Marty Smartt said he was in Walla Walla selling tickets for a circus (for more information, see Parts I and II of documentary).

September 1981

8109??-????a The man suspected of molesting Tina Sharp moves from Hill Top Bonanza Ranch, Reno.

Steve M. comes back to Twain after September 3rd and asks Andy T. to take him to Quincy. Steve didn’t say why he was leaving.

April 22nd, 1984

840422-????a Tina Sharp’s skull is found by a bottle hunter, Ronald Pedrini, at Camp 18, Feather Falls, Butte County (see Part I documentary for more information)

May 30th, 1984

6:45 pm

840530-1845a An anonymous male caller telephones the Butte County Sheriff's Office and says the skull is from the missing 12-year-old girl from the Keddie Murders which occurred three years ago. A copy of the audio is in evidence (Josh’s note: the BCSO says they do not have the tape; the PCSO says they do not have the tape).

March 10, 1986

860310-????a DOJ reports a new process for developing partial prints using laser. The bloody print from the scene was enhanced so suspects’ names should be resubmitted for comparison.