Russian plagiarized re-invention of the Keddie Murders

Russian plagiarized re-invention of the Keddie Murders

Postby dmac » Mon Apr 29, 2013 7:28 am

Here's another reason I should ban all traffic from Russia. If it's not thumb-porn spammers, it's trolls who "research" the case extensively and then write their own "book" on the case, based on information we've uncovered and pieced together. They steal information, photos, plagiarize posts and theories, redraw graphics, then copyright it all as their own work. The worst part? Their 'new' version is a pack of invented lies.

When conducting a new search for Lynnette Mollath last night, I stumbled across a doozy of a site by an apparent 'true crime author' in Russia, А.И. Ракитин (A.I. Rakitin), who evidently "authored" a 'book' about the Dyatlov Pass tragedy. After reading how he stole and mangled from this site, I hate to imagine what kind of KGB/alien/CIA co-plot he invented to explain the lunacy that transpired after an avalanche led hikers to the desperation and hypothermic madness found in the Dyatlov case.

Here are a few gems from his re-interpretation of the facts of the Keddie case:

James Sharp was a well-paid engineer, coaxed away from his work in MS to become a prestigious builder of atomic submarines in Connecticut. He WAS NOT a pedophile, WAS NOT an alcoholic, was respected, and made damned-good money! Still, this WAS NOT enough for Glenna, who always wanted more. She left for California, the Land of Dreams. James was bewildered, as there were no signs of a fracture in their loving marriage, and he hid the split out of embarrassment, always providing help and money whenever he could. Damned that Sue, she was soooo needy and greedy! And it seems damned pathetic that Sheila claimed James was too strict, without any supporting evidence! (Is feminism still stone-age in 2013 Russkieland? Sounds like North Korea, but with some food)

And THAT is from the first couple paragraphs! This drivel goes on for 13 interminable pages. Other jewels that I've been able to glean by scanning and comparing passages from two separate Russ-Eng translations: Marty and Bo were arguing about disco music, not rock. Doug Thomas was a first-responder. Cops found part of the pink pantsuit under the couch. The Mollaths were paying Gary $130k per year to run the resort (which E debunked, I believe- or NS?- it was a math error in the wording of the tax lawsuit that quote came from), that Gary HIRED the Albins and Hogabooms to work for him, and that they were conspiring to secretly build a new resort between Keddie and South Keddie (Roundhouse Road), an area that is 100% uninhabitable and impossible to develop. Several new cabins had just been completed, including 29 & 30 (not yet leased, so empty the night of the murders). The country-to-DISCO shift created a "duel" between Jan Albin and Bo & Marty, one the B&M boys were bound to lose, yet the bartender apologized for Jan being in the right, and bought a round of cocktails because Bo and Marty were more right, being 100% wrong. Sue's brother, Don, burned the bloody couch and sold Sue's car off for parts.

It goes on and on, and I'll add more here when I start reading it again, they are so prevalent and out-of-nowhere invented. MAYBE I can stretch some of his fiction as honest mistranslations on his own part (I've often mentioned B&M were wearing disco leisure suits, but that does NOT mean the Back Door would play disco!) It's like taking all the work done here, and painting a bullshit Hollywood script around it that doesn't even get the core facts- or NAMES- right. Funnily enough, his claim is that the true story of this case needs to be made into a TV series, ala TWIN PEAKS, except this show would have to be 100% fact-based to make it all the spookier. I guess he wants to be the scriptwriter, seeing as he is fully versed in HWood's version of "A True Story".

I've looked at several online translation tools. None are great, but here are links to the original source site, translated by two separate engines. Compare the translations, paragraph by paragraph, and you'll get the gist of his INVENTED story.

google's translation

macrosift's translation

Here is the corresponding forum thread about the Keddie Murders, 51 pages long in six months.
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Re: Russian plagiarized re-invention of the Keddie Murders

Postby Chichibcc » Mon May 05, 2014 12:32 pm

Yes, I had also visited this site myself, found through Google Search, and it was a complete mess! Inaccurate, hard to read, disorganized, etc. The creator really should just stick to covering Russian cases, and I'm not sure he's even capable of doing that well!
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Re: Russian plagiarized re-invention of the Keddie Murders

Postby phoebe » Sat Mar 19, 2016 10:54 am

I've read about the Dyatlov Pass tragedy. There are some whacky rumours out there for sure. But I don't think anything about it points to an avalanche. Off the top of my head, there were what appeared to be "lookout holes" cut into the side of the tent and some very strange injuries that don't seem to point to an avalanche. For example, one of the girls' tongues was ripped out and two of the men had apparently tried very hard to climb a tree to the point of shredding their hands to pieces. I believe there was also some kind of blunt force trauma to one man's skull and crush injuries that were apparently so bad as to be commensurate with an RTA. With no apparent external bruising to go with them... although I did read that that is possible under conditions of extreme cold.

Anyhow none of the injuries seem to point to avalanche. Oh and there was a military boot cover found at the scene by the original search party, pointing to the possibility that the military had already been at the scene before the search party. Like the Keddie case, a lot points to a coverup and a swift closure of the case, things going missing from the files etc which also seems to point to something more sinister than an avalanche.

There are lots of other anomalies involved in that case and certainly lots in the Keddie case and it makes me wonder if he's written two books how well thought out they are... based on the material involved in this case one would think it would take an entire lifetime to write a book about it, let alone a book on Dyatlov incident as well!
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Re: Russian plagiarized re-invention of the Keddie Murders

Postby joe_mcplumber » Thu Jun 09, 2016 10:48 pm

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