little dimmick

introduce yourself, & tell us how you became interested in the case.

little dimmick

Postby PacificGhost » Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:32 pm

LOL, oh ‘little’ dimmick you are such a sad small ball of festering puss and vitriol. Although I’m certain you are cute in the right light in one of your mothers dresses you are so fond of wearing. (Amazing that you can still fit into a size 42, maybe I shouldn't call you ‘little’ dimmick unless I’m referring to your IQ)
Thank you for doing everything just as I knew you would. There is something about slow witted left wing zealots who are ruled by their emotions that I find so entertaining! LOL..Sadly they are not usually around long before their health problems start to take a toll. It seems you can’t indulge anger and self-righteous hate for too long before it eventually kills you. It’ll be kinda sad when you’re gone little dicksmack. Maybe you should put on your favorite pair of your mommy’s panties, snuggle up with your Boba Fett doll, put on your collector’s edition copy of Ghost Busters and take a break from all the icky stuff in this big scary world that is bothering you. You’ll feel better, I promise. (-:
With all of the hatred and vile emotions spewing forth from you there are no doubt only a few people left on the sight who are very active. You see, Josh thinks that because of all of the time and attention you have given to this site that you are valuable. What he fails to see is that you are a cancer that eats away at the any enthusiasm that this site may have originally created. You, little douchebag, are the reason interest wanes on this site. Only a handful of people who are attracted to your ilk and share the corrupt mentality you foster will remain active here very long. Nobody likes an immature bully little dipshit.
The next part isn’t really for you little derelict ,(it’ll be confusing for you) it’s for those poor souls who may have suffered reading the drivel and lies you so clearly enjoy writing on this site.
A book coming from a new publishing house (such as Sheila new book)or even a self-published book is not a bad thing. I noticed that neither Paramount Pictures, or MGM were the producers of Josh Hancock’s two video documentaries. In fact I am certain the both documentaries were self-produced, as was the little book about Keddie that he also published.
As far as making money for the efforts of producing such a book, I also notice that Josh makes money when he sells copies of his documentaries. In fact this entire website that dmac lords over from the confines of his mother’s basement is a vehicle that’s main purpose is to bring attention to the videos he has produced, that he has for sale. And that’s ok. I know it’s hard for little socialists like dmac who are preoccupied with ‘occupying’ their mother’s underwear drawer to fathom the ideals of benefiting from hard work and capitalism, but Josh is benefiting in this manner, and if Sheila book turns a profit then she will too.
Dmac likes to state that my wife and I made an attempt to bully our way onto the site for some contrived and nefarious reason. This was quite upsetting to him because he enjoys being master of his domain. What actually happened was my wife and I made an attempt to expose dmac for the lying and unstable bully that he is. We were very successful, but unfortunately it didn't matter. The people participating on the site apparently either already knew about his character and didn't care, or were similar in character to him and saw nothing wrong with his base temperament. Our hope was that by exposing this emotional control-freak of nature we would be doing the website a favor, and that it could endure time and waning interest in the Keddie murder case. Alas it was not meant to be so we simply moved along with our lives.
Well little dimmick, Please don’t forget to include curse words, threats, unsupported allegations, name calling, and the other things that make you feel pretty and that are so fun to read in your response. We have taken a betting pool on the number of each in each category. LOL.. so much fun!
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Re: little dimmick

Postby Chichibcc » Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:51 pm

Oh, please....blah, blah, blah....I think we've heard this all before, but thanks for reminding us (sarcasm). :roll:

By the way, if you've "moved on" so much, as you supposedly claim, then why have you decided to return and try to intimidate Dmac once again? If you really think such a tactic are going to work, you're sadly mistaken. You're just wasting your time (and everyone else's).

You call him a "bully," yet it's the same thing you seem to be doing yourself, in case you haven't noticed.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby krazykat » Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:03 pm

Dmac has done an incredible amount of research and collation of data. Perhaps before trying to belittle Dmac, Josh, and all who spent hours trying to solve this crime you should roll up your sleeves and attempt the same.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby gotbier » Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:25 pm

To PacificGhost : You know absolutely nothing about most people on this site and therefore have no clue what the hell you're talking about. And I'll say it for DMac: Dickhead. Why don't you just go away if 'you've moved on'. Need help packing?

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Re: little dimmick

Postby Myrion » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:49 am

Creating a fake account, pretending to be some publisher named Micheal Nash, doesn't quite seem like moving on to me. In fact, it seems somewhat cowardly. Why not simply post under your usual board nic? I don't know. I guess you believed that you were being clever. Anyone who has ever run any kind of board knows that you can create as many board names as you wish but your IP pretty much tags you as who you are.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby jhancock » Mon Oct 29, 2012 11:12 am

This post confirms every suspicion I had regarding Pacific Ghost. And for the record, the "little" book about Keddie--thanks for those encouraging words, PG--was not self-published. Just another in the short line of people who fail to grasp the amount of work and dedication put into this effort for going on ten years now.

More to the point: had PG been genuinely interested in helping Sheila craft an exceptional memoir, had he truly been interested in not only exploring Sheila's life story but also the facts of this case, he never would have resorted to self-publishing and would have at least attempted to seek out a bonafide publisher. The hokey website smacks of cheapness, and without question fails to emphasize in any meaningful way the power and importance of Sheila's journey.

That said, I support Sheila in her endeavor, I do stand by her in anything she wants to do to either promote interest in the case or to provide her own healing and comfort, and I look forward to reading the book at some point.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby IPO » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:40 pm

Wow, I can't believe that Sheila would support you in diminishing the time and efforts that so many people, like dmac, have put into trying to solve this case. Why would dmac or any of the others who visit this site spend any time here other than to try and at least let it be known that Plumas County law enforcement have sadly and inexcusably let Sheila and her surviving family members down. Sue, Johnny, Dana and Tina deserve to have the perpetrators of this heinous crime brought to justice. If we can't solve the case, at least we can bring public attention to the fact that PCLE has dropped the ball badly.

Please don't let communication styles and misunderstandings cause such a deep rift. Many of us truly want to see this crime solved.

Can't we just all get along. Sniping at each other isn't helpful.

Come on, come on, let's work together
The Rascals circa 1960's ::-|

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Re: little dimmick

Postby Cheshire » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:01 pm

His name is larger than Sheila's on the book cover. He tries so very hard to sound intelligent- and even condescending- when posting as himself (and yet always comes across as that guy who's overcompensating for a lack of education). He insists on using some ridiculous title for himself. Only with his fake account(s) does he let his barely contained rage emerge. I hope that when the narcissist realizes that he isn't going to be "famous" for a self-published self-help book, that he can direct some of that energy into trying to solve the case, rather than maligning those who are doing all the work.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby azucena » Mon Oct 29, 2012 8:22 pm

Maybe new thread here? But in the end, Shelia and who she has become is in a very big part because she lost her mother brother and sister. She may not want to admit to this this, but her family clearly was in trouble BEFORE the murders. AND she was as well , young and pregnant. Her mother sent her away. I wish she could talk about why that decision was made. Yes , it is intrusive, and may or may not have any bearing, but as the saying goes: no stone left unturned..There are things she may not know or want to acknowledge, that were reaching critical mass and if we knew what some of those things might have been, could go along way in putting the pieces together. No matter what any of us think about her actions, she deserves compassion for going through the loss she has. I don't think she was part of the collusion that prevented this case from being solved, albeit, she has been very evasive in talking about what transpired the day prior to the murders, which could be crucial information, but again, is blaming her and reacting to her been helpful? To deal with all of this takes courage. Look at Deborah, Bo's relative, she does not think he could have been a part of this crime, yet, she continues to engage productively on this board and is trying to obtain information. This is what is so difficult about any of these scenarios, people, whether they be family members of the victims or of the possible perps are left in the same place asking questions, trying to understand. All of us here are doing the same and I think we will gain more ground being respectful of what people are suffering no matter which side of the issue they might be on.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby Tennessean » Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:56 pm

I was wondering why Sheila never comments on here and now I see it, Pacific Ghost. Under normal circumstances I know if I were sheila I would be on here as much as possible to offer my invaluable insight. Its pretty disgusting that Pacific Gost would denigrate the integrity of the two people most responsible for potentially having this case solved. Unbelievable!
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Re: little dimmick

Postby 7Scarlet » Wed Feb 20, 2013 11:41 pm

I wouldn't pay any attention to a guy who fails to comprise a proper sentence. He doesn't even know how to separate paragraphs.

His saving grace is that Sheila must love him. For that, we must be tolerant.

Otherwise, fuck him.
'Confirmation Bias:' Find the evidence that supports your contention, and explain away or ignore that which doesn't.

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Re: little dimmick

Postby Chichibcc » Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:00 am

Tennessean wrote:I was wondering why Sheila never comments on here and now I see it, Pacific Ghost.

The real reason I think Sheila stopped posting here has to do with this thread:
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Re: little dimmick

Postby Tennessean » Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:49 am

After reading that thread though, I have to agree, I don't see her being involved much in these forums, considering all the people on this forum have done to help resolve this case, I would think all the survivors would be here do what they can. I guess thats just me.
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Re: little dimmick

Postby BUTTERFLYVALLEY1 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 4:49 am

I do not know what rock you crawled out from under or how with all her many problems Sheila found a braindead bully to control her life and, yet, here you are. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black; buddy, you take the cake. I cannot imagine the hours, days, months, and years that Josh and DMAC have put into this crime and their work on the 2 DVDs and Josh's book and this forum. The only remuneration received was for Josh and then only for the cost of the DVDs and the cost of a copy of the book. DMAC works with no pay at all except for the feeling of working on something worthwhile that he believes in totally. We gather and read and add to this forum because we care so much. He has taken on role the role he has becsause we all depend on him to do it. Who else would do such a tireless job that he does just because he cares so very much that this gets solved.

The reason he wants this solved is because he cares about you and your brothers, he cares about Justin, and he cares about Dana's familiy also. He is not doing this for self gratification or limelight...he wants justice for the victims and closer for the family members left behind. I came into this forum very late in the game but have spent hours, many hours, reading everything I can find. I also want closer for the remaining family members and to see justice done. I have a personal reason also; my childhood home area was violated in a very vicious way and I wish the blight on this little area lifted. I guess that is self-serving and I shall not apologize for that. Were I able to speak to you I would say, "Sheila help us to help you. Those questions that were ask of you were not meant to be envasive but rather to clarify several points. Concrete answers from someone who knows the correct answers will put the right prospective on several points. Please read them again with new eyes now that you know the reason they were ask."

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