I loved Keddie before 1981

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I loved Keddie before 1981

Postby GrewupinKeddie » Thu Oct 11, 2012 6:11 am

I am not really sure that I even want to post on the site because the topic of the Keddie murders is still a sad sad event that I dont like to recall much.

What I wanted to say was that Keddie was such a beautiful little place. Yes, there were many cabins and while some of them may have been for rent as vacation/hotels, most were rented at regular flat monthly rate to the locals. Really, very few were used for vacation rentals. I know for sure over half were rented out as homes. We knew the people living there. We spent two or three out of four weekends in Keddie or nearby Butterfly Valley visiting (partying if you were an adult I suppose) with my parents' friends. I was only eleven at the time of the murders, and my earliest memory of Keddie is around age four. I would say I have close to seven years of memories there. We lived in Keddie for about a year when I was maybe eight. Outside of that year, I grew up on the opposite side of Quincy in the Cromberg/Sloat area. My sister and I had the biggest crush on Dana. I think all teenage girls did.

Every Easter Keddie had an Easter Pet Parade and everyone would bring their pets, garnished in flowers, feathers, ribbons and lace... There were goats, ducks, dogs, ponies... you never knew what one might see. This was the most peaceful, loving little community. The parade would start just before the little bridge (is it a bridge??) Well, when you first turn onto the road there was a little field or grassy area on the left. There they held the Easter egg hunt and then it served as the gathering place for the parade. We would get all of our ducks in a row LOL, not really, but something like that and we would make a parade of hippies and their pets up the hill and into the resort area.

Here are the facts that I know where true because I can remember everyone talking about these things. I didnt care to read the papers at 11. I can still remember at the funerals especially hearing everyone say the same things over and over. All discussions were much the same #1 Cabin 28 was absolutely a bloody, angry, horribly violent place to die. Every one, and I mean the whole town was talking about how brutal it was with blood everywhere. #2 The bloody fingerprint has always been known to exist. #3 No one could understand how the other children would not have woke up; however, everyone was grateful they didn't. #4 No one could understand how none of the other neighbors heard anything... None of them heard or saw anything. I remember that the whole town was of the general agreement that there was a good chance it would be an unsolved murder case for a long time. Everyone seemed pretty sure it had to have been more than one man doing the killing. Glenna's husband was the possible suspect, I remember everyone thought he was a jerk, yet not totally convinced he could be so violent. Many said it was some sort of drug deal issue. While others felt it hobos from the train that jumped off, back on and gone. This much I do remember.

I never wanted to go back to Keddie after the murders. In fact, we moved to Chico a few months later. I have been back to Keddie two or three times since the murders. I am not a religious type of person, I give little value to tarot cards, palm readers, fortune tellers, ghost whisperers, etc... Unfortunately, and I hate to even say it because I wish it were not true-I do believe in ghosts, evil spirits, and the likes (not regularly=mostly when I think of Keddie) or maybe I just have a wild imagination. Whatever it is, there is NO WAY I would ever spend the night there after the murders. Everything changed and changed quickly after the murders. People left and never returned. It was desserted. I wonder if 30 years later it still is? it was a ghost town at ten and twenty years that is for sure. I know the last two times I went into Keddie, the minute I turned onto the road from HWY 70 I was highly creeped out and the feelings got stronger and stronger as I got closer and closer to the Lodge and cabins. NO WHERE on earth have I ever, with ever fiber in my being, felt this kind of feeling. Everything in me was an urgent plea to turn around and run. I continued on up toward the lodge, turned right and then right again. Many of our old friends had lived in the larger cabins overlooking the main road.

The second to the last time I went (probably 1988) I did get out of the car, but barely, I swear the wind was telling me to go...and go quickly... I mean the feelings, the warnings, whatever it was, was ever present. The place was an absolute ghost town just seven years later. I know there was talk of investors and renovating it or building it up... What a bad idea that was... I can assure you that none of the locals were going to be a part of it-well I am guessing. I dont know for sure. What I remember in 1981 was an entire town on edge. An entire town showing up for the funerals. Everyone disgusted and afraid. THis was Quincy's 9/11. People started locking their doors... We grew up hitchhiking, with my mom, up and down highway 70. My mother (still quite the looker back then) and two blond twin girls hitch hiking like it was what you were supposed to do back then, no cares, no worries. Never ever were we afraid of strangers--until then.

The last time I went to Keddie, was between 1993 or 1995, I drove in, took the right and right again and hauled ass the f*** out. Didnt roll down my window, wanted to close the vents. Wanted to burn sage around the car, hang garlic from the bumper and mirrors, drive a wooden stake thru the hood afterwards... LOLOLOL Whatever people do to scare away evil, demons, or phenomenons that I would normally say dont exist. What I needed was a good cleansing, to make sure I didnt bring anything out of there or home with me...and I seriously wish I was kidding.

As I said, it is hard to talk about on many levels because everyone loved these kids and I loved this place. So many childhood memories. The Keddie Easter Parades were some of my funnest days as a kid--for years, I looked forward to them like Christmas... This place was lush, green, full of life, flowers and butterflies. At Easter the trees were all full of those white flower blossoms. I swear there could have been little pixie fairies living there (I am not a hippy, I dont smoke weed. I dont think fairies exist necessarily or normally... I just remember thinking they did then). Since the murders, it feels dead and black like what very very dead would be.

My best description of Keddie before the murders, would be something like in the Snow White movie when she is singing to the birds. It felt magical. It really did. And after the murders, someplace really scary like the dark forest with thorns, no greenery and eyes/whispers everywhere--only worse. The place needs an exorcism, not just the cabins, but the streets, the trees, the wind--I dont know how any one could not feel a serious haunting presence. I also dont believe in that normally, haunted presences, grrrrr, I sound like a freak, and the worst part is that I absolutely know that for me, it is true there. No where else on earth is quite as scary as that place is to me. Keep in mind the last two times that I am speaking of it was BROAD DAYLIGHT!! I cant even let my mind imagine going there in the night. I wont even try. I know what I felt in the day was bad and consuming and I would hate to say if you stayed at night----it would be bad. Not going there..

Anyway, thank you for remembering my friend Dana. It is nice that so many want to see justice. I also remember that stupid **** of a Sheriff. Well, I should double check my facts and see if he was the Sheriff of record when was I was about to discuss occurred. Next time.

I know what I might be thinking if I were to read my post as one of you. Words like, hippie, pothead, tree hugger, on drugs, whatever, they would all come to mind. I am full of sarcasm for talk of fairies and the wicked forest... All I can say is I was speaking from my heart on this. I dont ever discuss it just for this reason. This is my thoughts on the area and it scares me to think about. I am not a sissy, just a normal person. No one "speaks" to me, nor do I believe I can see ghosts, etc, etc. Not a religious Bible thumper. I do good because it is the right thing to do-that is my only guiding principle. Take it for what is worth, if it is worth nothing, say nothing.

I am a little curious if any one else has had this same experience or feelings there either before or after. Respectfully submitted.

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Re: I loved Keddie before 1981

Postby not sure » Fri Oct 12, 2012 12:39 pm

Thanks for this post, GrewupinKeddie. It always helps to get perspective from those who lived there. We appreciate your input.

I have two questions:
First, you said
The bloody fingerprint has always been known to exist.
Just a bloody print or a specific one? What I mean is, was it always known to have come from a glass or a wall or was it just known there was a print?

And second, you said
I also remember that stupid **** of a Sheriff. Well, I should double check my facts and see if he was the Sheriff of record when was I was about to discuss occurred. Next time.

Will you please elaborate? Doug Thomas was Sheriff at the time but he resigned 3 months later and Ken Shanks took over. As you can see by articles posted in this forum, Sheriff Shanks was a pedophile who was run out of office. Have you had a chance to check your facts and can you please tell us what you were going to discuss?

Again, thanks for the input. And welcome to the board. We look forward to more and please forgive us in advance if we start trying to pick your brain.

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