This is Unbelievable!

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This is Unbelievable!

Postby harleygirl » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:30 pm


This is my first time on ANY forum. Not usually my thing but this is so compelling. A lot of information to absorb. Conflicting and have to sift through to understand. There are sooo many things that could have happened. I am still reading.

Can anyone tell me a little more information on residents of the other cabins? Maybe I just haven't got that far yet but how many "semi permanent" residents lived in Keddie at the time of the murders? How extensively were those people interviewed? Did they just say "I don't know nothing, I didn't see nothing" and it was let go at that???

How do they know these perps were there for 10 hours? Who would feel "safe" enough to stay in a residence that long unless they knew this area? It would seem it had to be a local. A random passer through would have probably split pretty quick after harming these folks. Damn, they were all so young.

Doesn't seem like anyone living there was having much of a good life.

My only qualms about being on here is that I don't want dmac to yell at me. :-O I might ask questions and I might make statements but I don't want to get tore up over it. I am just someone who would love to see someone pay for hurting this family and Dana and his family too. So damn sad.

Also.............I want the DVDs but don't have a Paypal account. Is there another way to get them? Let me know. Gotta have them!!!!

Re: This is Unbelievable!

Postby azucena » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:38 pm

Welcome to the forum. As Dmac himself says grow a tough skin. don't worry about that. There is a lot to read and sift through, Take your time and gather a sense of what the knowns and unknowns are, and contribute, the more ideas the better
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Re: This is Unbelievable!

Postby SammieJo » Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:59 pm

Welcome :-) & don't worry about Dmac- as long as you take the time to read & get a sense of everything he shouldn't yell at ya, I haven't gotten yelled at yet ;-) My advice on that : if you have questions of the most basic of things save it for chat - that way the forum isn't getting clogged up with a bunch of the same ole stuff over & over- cuz it really is a lot to read through without having the same basic questions asked over & over again. & a pay pal account only takes a few seconds to set up & trust me those 2 DVD's are worth the few minutes it takes to set up an account, they will really help your understanding of the case & what is going on on the boards
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Re: This is Unbelievable!

Postby harleygirl » Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:16 pm

Got it. Just found more info on whose in cabins on the timeline. I better read some more before I comment. I have thoughts but will save them until I read more and absorb more.

Will grow the skin. Lol.

Re: This is Unbelievable!

Postby Magnum PI » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:52 pm

Dmac yells at everyone ! Lol, he's a good guy and he has worked his ass off on this case! I don't know it as well as Dmac bur I'm willing to answer question! Welcome !
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