'Bo' Boubede

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'Bo' Boubede

Postby jcpunchy » Sun May 06, 2012 2:46 pm

hello, i am a nephew of Severin John 'Bo' Boubede who from what i am reading is a part of this story,don't know for sure. i might be abl to answer some questions pertaining him. John Canibano

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Re: 'Bo' Boubede

Postby Ausgirl » Mon May 07, 2012 3:15 am

Hi John,

The 'Bo' in question is your uncle, most likely - brother of Deloris Boubede/Canibano. Thank you so much for posting here. It must not be an easy thing for his family to read this forum.

The several of his family members who have come forward and participated here have been astonishingly gracious, and as a result we probably know a lot more about your uncle as a person than we do about Marty Smartt. We know he was smooth, we know about his crimes, and how entertaining and generous he could be to his family.

What we don't know is whether he was in that cabin that night. Now, it's pretty much taken as a given fact seeing that he was with Marty, the confessed killer of Sue and Tina, the entire night in question and that he told the police a tremendous amount of lies in his interview. But we have no solid proof he was there, and that's just how it is.

Other family members admit he was a career criminal and more than capable of violence, but have said they don't believe he would have participated in the murder of a woman and child, that this was simply not in his nature. I'd be curious as to your take on that, and whether you think your uncle was capable of participating in the crime on any level - either as one of the killers, or helping Marty 'clean up' later.

Also, whether you have any insight as to why he never got serious jail time for the armed robbieries/cop scams, and if you've ever heard him use the name Michael Desantis - which he was prosecuted under for the police magazine scam, despite having an extensive record/fingerprints on file under his real name.

I understand there's stuff his family can't/doesn't want to discuss, and why. But any shred of information might help us to put the pieces of this incredibly complex puzzle together, and find the truth of what went on in that cabin, and why Sue and the children were murdered.

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