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Postby tml » Tue Nov 29, 2011 2:31 am

Hello everyone. I first heard about this case a few months ago after casually browsing Wikipedia for some info on a certain bad horror movie from a couple years back (it seems like that's a pretty common introduction to this case). I happen to be a pretty obsessive-compulsive guy and the weird, sad, and creepy vibe this case has really intrigued me. After I first learned about the case I spent a good week or so scowering the internet for every bit of information I could find, looking over all the evidence available here and reading all the forum posts. I actully spent an entire day reading the victims' autopsy reports while I was at work.

Anyways, my interest in the case kind of petered out, which is typical for me and I haven't really thought of it since then, until, for whatever reason, it popped back in to my head last night. So I watched Part 2 of the Documentary ( I have yet to see Part 1) and sort have gotten back in to my little obsession.

I'm nothing special, no Sherlock Holmes, but I do like to think of myself as a prettty logical, analytical kind of guy and I thought that maybe I could add something to this case. As I said, it's been a while since I've gone over all the evidence and I'm not sure I have the mental energy to sort through it all again, but I think I gleaned a fair amount of knowledge to come up with a rough theory of what happened that night in Cabin 28, which I will try to clean up and post on the "theories" section of this forum either tonight (If I can't sleep) or maybe later in the week.

One thing particularly interesting (and frustrating) about the case is how just about everything in it is confused or partly obscured. There are just so many rumors, so many mistatements (e.g. the LE stating on several occasions one of the knives was "bent double" when clearly in the crime scene photos it was bent pretty acutely). I have a couple of questions that I haven't been able to find satisfactory answers too and was wondering if anyone here could clear them up.

First off, was any evidence found outside of Cabin 28? I've heard there were blood smears on the Sharps' car and outside the back door but I don't recall seeing any crime scene photos of that. If there is that would tend to point to someone, probably Tina, having briefly escaped the cabin, or, perhaps, point how the assailants (and it seems almost certain there were two) got her (alive or dead) out of the cabin

Second, does anyone know if Tina's blood was found anywhere in the Cabin or nearby? Tina's disappearance is a serious complicating factor in this case and figuring out if she was alive, dead, or injured when she was removed I think is essential to solving this puzzle.

Thirdly, I've heard it repeatedly said that Johnny, Sue, and Dana were tortured. Is that really true? There is a difference between say an assault, or even a brutal homicide and torture, which I would define as the deliberate infliction of pain, either to gain information or as a sadistic thrill. Is it more likely that rather than being "tortured" the violence inflicted on them was just very intense or perhaps their wounds were the result of a defensive struggle?

Fourthly, did anyone ever come up with an estimated time of death? Coroners can generally give a time of death based on the temperature of the deceased's liver within a few hours but I don't seem to recall reading a time of death in the autopsy. The time of death really is critical in this case because it changes the suspect list and the sequence of events, especially how and when the boys got home.

Fifthly.... well fifthly it's 4 am and I have to be at work in six hours. I started typing this close to midnight but got sidetracked looking over the timelines, which shows how easy it is to get sucked in to this case. Hopefully, I will post up my own theory tomorrow so I can stop subjecting my friends and family to macabre discussions and instead share them with people who are as fascinated by this profoundly tragic case as I am.

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Re: Hello Folks

Postby Ausgirl » Wed Nov 30, 2011 7:59 am

As to obfuscation -- a casinoful of Vegas magicians could not produce more freakin' smoke and mirrors (yes, I actually used that phrase...) than the guilty in this case. But it's all starting to unravel, I think.

Looking forward to your input tml.
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