Well This Is Awkward

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Well This Is Awkward

Postby joe_mcplumber » Sat Jul 06, 2013 4:49 pm

I'm not really sure what i'm doing here nor of what i wish to say. My (real) name is on the rather lengthy "Persons of Note" list. I was directed to this forum by my little sister, who, upon the death of our father, had embarked on an Interwebs investigation of the family name and history. I think she was surprised and maybe a bit scandalized, to see our surname juxtaposed with such an infamous event. And maybe that's kinda my point too, because some of the speculation here crosses the line of decorum and ventures into libel.

I knew the people behind all of the names bandied about here. Many were very good friends of mine, and some were as family to me. Reading some of the speculation on this board gets me alternately amused and riled up.

So most of the people in this drama were rough around the edges and less than saintly, myself included. But that describes most of the residents of the county at the time, and the thing is that these are all real people in this story. Some still live, some have passed, but all deserve dignity and the benefit of grace. The M__ks family is, in its entirety, good folk. Dee is a good guy. Even Phillip was a decent soul who had the dual misfortune of being a crazy drunk Indian, and in Plumas County, the wrong *sort* of crazy drunk Indian.

I don't know. I sort of understand the attraction to murder mysteries as entertainment and avocation. Only in this case it's deeply personal, and still deeply disturbing even after all these years. Then when i see names like Wade or Dee put forth as accessories or accomplices, i don't know if to laugh, cry, or to chuck my computer through the window.

I guess i'm just trying to ask folks to be a bit more circumspect and respectful in their sleuthing. Consider how you'd feel if it were your own family and your own circle of friends being openly discussed in the context of a heinous crime. What's in your closet, what's your back yard look like, what contradictions have you uttered? It's too easy to equate prevarication, self-aggrandizement, or just plain faulty memory, with guilt. It's too easy to conflate tangential association with direct involvement, and too easy to sully names with controversy.

Then once something is on the Interwebs, it is on there forever.

Thanks for listening.

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