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Postby Summer » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:13 pm

Not sure where I should post this. I used to be an active member on the former cabin28 site. However, the bullies eventually turned to me and turned me off and away. Since then I've been looking at an old email file that I rarely use and came across this email that was forwarded to me by another former member of the cabin28 site. I have cut and copied this so as to maintain the anonymity of the people corresponding. This email is apparently written by someone that used to be friends with Dana Wingate's sisters. Not sure of the significance of this information to the case. I'm no longer abreast of any new developements because I've been too busy to keep up with the discussions here. Make of it what you will:

I wondered how this website came about.

I lived in Quincy from 1972-1979 and spent a LOT of time with his family

- especially his sisters. I lived next door to them at the Ramelli
Ranch, when they first came to Quincy. I lost contact with his sisters
in about1983/4. I miss them alot.

I spoke with Renee aobut what happened. She lived with me for a short
time in Oakland - unfortuately there was a difficult separation and I
have never forgiven myself for how it happened.

BUT, before that she had talked a little about Dana. It was like she
was spooked. Not because of Dana but because of the current time. Like

someone had talked to her and told her to shut up. She knew a lot it

When she was in Oakland with me she seemed fine and then one day she !
would not leave the place we were staying. She would not leave even
when I begged her to. I do not know what happened as she was there by
herself one day when I went to work. She was never the same afterwords.

She mentioned Ricky - and said 'skagg' ...In vietnam 'skagg' was
heroin. There was somethign about this that made me wonder what was
happenign. She menitoned that Tina ran away with her black boyfriend -
as they were seeing each othre and it was not really a common fact and
Tina was forbidden to see him anymore. It was the night before the

Tina had a fight witrh her mother and somehow her father was involved
with the edict. Tina was not to see her 'black boyfriend' anymore.
Then Renee said ......she and her boyfriend drove towards Oroville and
had some sort of notebook with her..mayber a journal.

She said Dana was staying wi! th his friend he was in CYA with. That
Dana had just got a girlfriend and was doing really well. Gary, his
father did not want Dana to spend the night with his firend.

Where were Dana'as syringes for his injections for diabetes?? Did they
ever turn up in evidence? They shoudl have as Dana had to inject
himself several times a day for life and was never far from his

This is what I know.

What I have found in my 'journey's' into my 'psychic' or intuitive mind
is that Dana was murdered by heroin.not that he used it but some people
needed his syringes and he was somehow in the way of the trail of heroin

from Vietnam to the US..possible the East COast. It had to do with
Mafia/organized crime.,

(Note...wsas told that Dana broke the lights at the airport becaeuse the

'tweak' was about to land his plane. Dana did not want! the 'tweak' in
Quincy. To me 'tweak' is a way of saying Mafia Man. Check the
records of who was in the area about to land the night Dana broke the
lights at the airport. It was not a random act for no reason. Ricky
had told him that 'the Tweak' was coming to town that night.

I believe that Dana intercepted a shipment of heroin and was murdered
for that reason.

God be with you as you investigate this story,
Just to let you know..I am Chicago - both the North & SOuth side
connected to the organized families and this is the one thing that has
kept me alive through this. I do nto know if you are connected to them
or not. I have protection from the DEA and my phone lines are under 24
hour wiretap and I am a special section of the witness program. I am
not in the secret witness program but a special unit that is part of the

Violent Gang Task Force ! of the DEA. I am connected to both sides of
the law. They both know it. I have been threatened by the drug crime
families in San Francisco and they did try to kill me. This above
statement is true. It is fact. The unit I am part of is the CIA/DEA
unit and I pray to God that no one decides to bother me or my familiy or
all Hell will break loose in the heroin organized crime families. I am

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Re: Not new

Postby BUTTERFLYVALLEY1 » Wed Mar 27, 2013 7:36 pm

Well, this fills in some pertinent questions that have beeen rattling around in my mind. Sort of like applying glue in order to piece together odd bits to make a picture appear. Thanks so much. :!:
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Re: Not new

Postby TREELAND » Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:02 pm

Hi Summer, it would be great to have you on this forum on a regular basis. Hope you can get some free-time to join in on discussions.
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Re: Not new

Postby Summer » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:53 am

Josh, I was never in touch with the woman that wrote that email. It was an email that was forwarded to me by a different person that had corresponded with her a few times. Her name and her phone number were on the email in my file. I googled the phone number and found it to be a business in Walnut Creek. This email was sent to me back in 2006.
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Re: Not new

Postby dmac » Wed Aug 14, 2013 2:31 am

What a pathetic pant-load of crap from that OP on the old forum. Thanks for posting it, it's a ridiculous story from a peabrained fool who knows a few names but not the case itself.

Stay involved, but that letter is pure crap. Many visible and glaring lies in it.
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