Introducing Myself

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Introducing Myself

Postby 7Scarlet » Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:20 pm


Years ago, I used to do a lot of volunteer work for two missing persons /unidentified persons related websites, and one evening while I was doing some research on the Green River murders, I stumbled upon the smallest snippet about the Keddie homicides. I read what little there was, couldn't find anything else on it anywhere to learn more...but never really forgot about it.

So about two weeks ago, something I read reminded me of it, so I decided to look it up again, and I came across this place. How sad it is still unsolved, but it did please me to see that so many people have taken an interest in it, and it's no longer a vague web snippet.

I've spent the last many days reading the posts after work until I go to sleep (or until I feel too disturbed and have to do something

Anyway, kudos to you guys, you've done good work here.
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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby annesion » Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:08 am

I am trying to read through all the posts as well. Despite being well organized the forums are a little hard to follow in the sense that newbies have little to no real information and then seasoned participants jump in and make reference to other things related quite frequently. Is there an order in which anyone wanting to wade through the forum should start reading? Anyone have any suggestions for me?
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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby dmac » Sat Mar 16, 2013 1:08 pm

Any large forum is going to be difficult to wallow through, as they are fine for ongoing conversations but counter-intuitive to collecting and presenting data in a clear, organized manner. Given the magnitude of this forum (closing in on 12,000 posts), it's no longer easy to say "start reading, and catch up!"

Were I coming in with fresh eyes, I'd ignore certain sections of the forum altogether right from the get-go. I would focus mainly on one forum, "Back to Basics", and I believe the two most important areas within it are "Excerpts from Case Files" and "Just the Facts". The "Timelines" section is just an offshoot of those parents, as is the new "Images" area, but the focus remains on the parents.

I would read the timelines first as it's a great crash course, and provides an overview of the crimes, the key players, and how LE has a perverse effect. The timelines show LE pursued bullshit angles, and how they continue down a path proven to be both shameful and idiotic.

Within the Case Files section, I'll list what I believe are a few of the more important threads:

    PCSO "Persons of Note" Overwhelming to a newbie, and many names are utterly superfluous, but imperative.

    Keddie Residents, etc A decent summation of who lived where in Keddie, with brief synopses from PCSO timelines and files about their involvement. Coupled with the Keddie Map and Cabin 28 Floorplan threads and with the Keddie photo gallery, this will give you a far better understanding of the remoteness and layout of the hamlet, and the design of the cabin where the murders occurred. As this is very much a crime of passion and convenience, I cannot stress enough how "location, location, location" isn't just the motto for businessmen: it describes so much about who was killed and who killed them.

    As Bo and Marty were definitely two of the murderers, their bullshit interviews with corrupt DOJ scum are worth many reads, many laughs, and hours of pure rage directed at LE malfeasance. Bo and Marty

    The faulty FBI report on Victims' Backgrounds is also a compulsory read.

From the JUST THE FACTS section:

    Sue's Boyfriends I believe Sue's 'love life' is a key, and multifaceted, factor in why she was murdered, and who played roles in her murder.

    Premeditation These murders were definitely planned, and we have connected a lot of dots to prove it, as well as disprove LE's 30 years of bullshit to the contrary. Many threads here about it, but you may as well start with this gem.

    Dee Lake: Pick a Number between Three and X This douchebag was at least involved in the coverup, and has been lying, very poorly, for 30+ years.

    PCSO CORRUPTION & the Succession of Sheriffs is a great starter for understanding the ongoing criminal conduct behind the scenes of government (and PCSO) in Plumas County. Also, search through that section for the term "news article" and you will find several great threads and posts concerning Keddie, Plumas, the crime, and some key players.

The question you've posed is a great one, as it's been an ongoing issue we've discussed, yet never fixed. The above list is a decent starter course, and I've spent over two hours mashing it together. It's meant to pare this case down to pure essentials. Perhaps others will add links here, and this thread can be condensed into a new sticky post/forum feature to solve the ongoing confusion for newbies: "wtf is this mess?! And where do I start reading, if I want to understand what happened?"
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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby annesion » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:06 pm

Thanks so much for taking the time to think about a response to my question. I am going to follow your recommendation and proceed by reading those highlighted posts first. I ran across a thread by accident earlier that was essentially a Who's Who of the case and that helped tremendously with my understanding of several peripheral players I was reading about but couldn't quite place within the context of what I had read previously.
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Re: Introducing Myself

Postby Chichibcc » Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:24 am

I'm not sure if this will help you, but when I first joined here, I started reading the oldest threads first, and worked my way up to the newer ones.

It may take you a while to do this, but doing so helped to answer a ton of questions I had along the way, and some that I didn't even know I had had, and get "caught up" much more quickly.

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