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Friends and Foes

Postby dmac » Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:12 pm

There is a function of the new forum I was not fully aware of, much less how it works, until just now. It's called "Friends & Foes", and is accessible via your User Control Panel. I still need to read up on it, but the 'Foe" portion hides posts by users you wish to ignore. Go to your control panel, hit the "Friends & Foes" tab, select "Manage foes", and add the usernames of those whose posts you wish to hide. The instructions found there are very easy to follow.

Unfortunately, at present, if a user on your 'foe' list posts a message, it is still listed as the most recent post on that given forum, topic, or thread. However, their post is still hidden, making it far easier to find new posts by others you do want to read.

FYI, If a user is on your Foe list, they can still PM you.

I'll post more info/details on this feature when I find a decent explanation myself. As I've said, this new forum is so complex many people who helped author it don't know all it can do.


How does a friend/foe list work?

Does the friend I enter have to accept that friendship?
    No, the user will be in your friend list once you have added him. OTOH, you will NOT be in HIS friend list if he hasn't added you too.
When I add a foe, does that user know that he/she is now a foe?
    No, unless you tell them, of course.
Are there statistics ? Like top ranking foe/friend and clusters of foes/friends?
When you look at a user's profile will it show how many friends/foes ?
    No, it is private.

Sam Clemens wrote:When all else fails, read the damned manual!
This forum has no manual. However, many things, including "Friends and Foes", are partially explained in the FAQ for this forum.

All posts still appear on the forum; posts by those on your 'foe' list appear collapsed, with links to expand them.

I hope this weapon isn't over-utilized, because I believe most members currently posting on this forum have asked great questions and made incredible insights into the case, even those we seem most frustrated by at times. To squelch someone for reasons other than ugly abuse of rules seems shortsighted. Many of us, in our days on Keddie boards, have seen enough true scum to understand, by sheer contrast, how great a forum Josh has provided and maintained. He deserves great credit for keeping so genial a forum, which the topic of Keddie has never before seen, yet each of us also deserve credit for it being so damned easy for Josh to maintain! I believe nearly everybody has made worthy contributions proving their dedication is neither fallacy nor fraud, and we want the one thing PCSO and LE was never willing to pursue: the truth.

A tool which silences others is very powerful, and easily destructive to both free speech and free thought. I ask that you reflect on your reasoning and choices before censoring others from your view, that you give them the benefit of doubt, and that you often clear your 'foe' list to hear all. Even the sweetest songbird makes noise, yet you perceive neither without hearing all.

With that, I should be on about 112 'foe' lists by dawn.
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