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Postby dmac » Thu May 09, 2013 1:44 pm

For those new to the forum/case: Unfortunately. there is far more information than guidance available on this site, and it can prove overwhelming to beginners. We will help whenever possible. At the current moment, Chichibcc is the go-to-guy who exemplifies our patience and helpfulness. There's also a few standout threads and posts to help acclimate viewers to the facts of the case, key players, timelines, important documents, etc:

For Brand Newbies, there is a detailed Case Synopsis being written, and I add to it as time allows. When completed, it should be a brief, yet thorough and transparent, assessment of the crime. From there, I'd focus on "Keddie Facts" and "Keddie Timelines" sections, but one must understand basic case facts before concentrating on timelines. The timelines conflict themselves and each other, and also prove LE pursued bullshit angles going down paths proven both idiotic and shameful. The Keddie Galleries on the main site categorizes over 1400 photos to familiarize all with Keddie, the crime scene, environs, case files, suspects, etc.

If you run into a term you're unfamiliar with, see the Case Lingo Dictionary. The thread concerning tips on HOW TO SEARCH THE FORUM, including a specially-designed google search function to outwit the shortcomings of the built-in search, will help all find answers to questions about the case.

Within the Keddie Files section, there are these most important threads:

PCSO "Persons of Note" Overwhelming to a newbie, and most names are utterly superfluous, until you later understand the case and see how important all those names are.

The Keddie Map and Cabin 28 Floorplan threads, and Keddie-related photo galleries will give one a far better understanding of the remoteness and layout of Keddie, the design of the cabin where the murders occurred, etc. I believe seeing the layout of Keddie enables much more understanding about the murders and murderers.

As Bo and Marty were definitely two of the murderers, their bullshit interviews with corrupt DOJ scum are worth many reads, many laughs, and hours of pure rage directed at LE malfeasance. Bo's sham interview and Marty's sham interview.

Here's a recently-written piece on how I, dmac, think the murders happened.

From the JUST THE FACTS section:

Sue's Boyfriends I believe Sue's 'love life' is a key, and multifaceted, factor in why she was murdered, and who played roles in her murder.

Premeditation A crime was planned, and we have connected many dots to prove it, as well as disprove LE's 35 years of bullshit to the contrary. Many threads here about it, but you may as well start with this gem.

Dee Lake: Pick a Number between Three and X This idiot was at least involved in the coverup, and has been lying, very poorly, for 35 years.

PCSO CORRUPTION & the Succession of Sheriffs is a great starter for understanding the ongoing criminal conduct behind the scenes of government (PCSO) in Plumas County. Also, search through that section for the term "news article" and you will find several great threads and posts concerning Keddie, Plumas, the crime, and some key players.

The above list is a decent starter course. It's meant to pare this case down to pure essentials. Others can/will add links here, and this thread can be condensed into a new sticky post/forum feature to solve the ongoing confusion for newbies: "wtf is this mess?! And where do I start reading, if I want to understand what happened?"

Rough idea: the murders were poorly executed, and the police coverup is ongoing- and far dumber than the killers' own staging.

Of course, for all to see for free are the crapumentaries Josh did. Errors and all, it's a beginner's course. Loads of BS, and tons of lies by 'witnesses'. Despite how horrid and error-filled they are, there is good stuff inside, like the basic overview and the interviews we continuously prove to be truthful, half-truth, and/or lie-filled.

Many ask why there is such a low opinion of Josh Hancock, the creep that made the two shlockumenataries. There are many threads where the story is presented (including the above link to the vids). There's not one thread going into the Josh Problem in detail, but there are also these:


There's also the KEDDIE COLLECTION, a small site I built back in 2010, which houses many diagrams and an interactive photo gallery that should help many people understand the layout of Keddie and Cabin 28.
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