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MK's old unofficial timeline.

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This is a timeline of events as described by Mrs. Meeks and Marilyn 25 years later, plus part of a timeline Josh had put up a long time ago. Since they talked about this 25 years later, the memories seem to be not as accurate, and I think the 1981 entries would be more accurate.

1. (93.) 4-12-81 7:00 a.m.
Sheila Sharp claims she returns home from neighbors to discover horror. Sheila sees dead bodies and a knife she thinks is a pocket knife that turns out to be a “bent” knife.
(94.) 4-12-81 7:10 a.m. PCSD entry
Neighbor calls Plumas County Sheriff’s Department. (PCSD)
(95.) 4-12-81 7:20 a.m. PCSD entry
First deputies arrive on scene, younger Sharp children removed from scene, along with Justin. So all three boys in back bedroom at this time.
(96.) 4-12-81 7:20 a.m.---All day PCSD entry
Crime scene cordoned off, investigation begins, neighbors and friends questioned. Justin questioned. Justin insists Tina is missing. Determine that wires used to bound bodies were taken from room shared by Sue/Sheila/Tina. Boys found on floor, Sue lying on couch. Henry Thompson and Chuck Walke questioned by PCSD, released shortly thereafter. PCSD determined Tina was in cabin 28, and is now missing, along with “shoebox” that was Tina’s school project. The shoebox was apparently taken from the kitchen
[JesseW Detailed timeline posted 12-22-08 8:57 p.m.]

2. 4-12-81 7-8 a.m. (approx.)
LaRonda Meeks calls Mrs. Meeks to tell her that something had happened at Sue’s, that there are cops all over. Mrs. Meeks tries to call Sue and gets no answer. She then calls Marilyn, who says Sue, John, Dana were dead and Tina was missing.
[Richard’s mother (RM) posted 2-15-09 12:21 p.m. anslinger “gore files”, 1:20 p.m. why go back]

3. 4-12-81 7-8 a.m. (approx.)
RM(richard’s mother) reports that according to Marilyn, Justin was just sent home alone, no police or FBI accompanied him. Marilyn also said that Justin said everyone in Sue’s was dead. She told him not to joke. His answer—“No mom, they’re all dead”.
[RM 1-26-06 12:10 p.m. Let’s get real]

4. 4-12-81 8:30 a.m. (approx.)
Marilyn (Gypsey2) states that Justin came home around 8:30 a.m. and woke her up. She was alone in bed. She got dressed quickly and went with Justin to talk to Doug Thomas. She states that Justin was unsupervised when he came home that morning. When they went to talk to Doug Thomas, they both sat in his car because it was raining real hard.
[Gypsy2 posted 12-13-06 2:49 p.m. you asked for an update here it is, 6-12-06 8:11 p.m. Justin, 7-18-06 9:35 p.m. ropers, dopers, geeks, and goths]

5. 4-12-81 8:30 a.m. (approx.)
Marilyn states that when her and Justin were sitting in the car with Doug Thomas, he asked Marilyn if the female body could have been Tina. Justin interrupted and said “That’s not Tina in there, it’s Sue. Tina is missing. Look down by the river”.
[Gypsey2 posted 5-30-06 1:54 p.m. ladies shoe size, 6-28-06 6:26 p.m. Tinas removal]

6. 4-12-81 8-9 a.m. (approx.)
Mrs Meeks called Marilyn after she got no answer after calling Sue. She called Marilyn because Wade was concerned. Marilyn said that she was afraid to stay there, she was afraid of what Marty would do to her and her kids. When Mrs Meeks got there, Marilyn said she was sure Marty did the murders. (Mrs Meeks knew Marilyn was unhappy with her marriage, wanted out of it, and perhaps this was her way out.) Mrs Meeks and Wade didn’t see Marty and Bo at the time.
[RM 1-27-06 8:06 p.m. let’s get real, 7-6-06 11:52 a.m. getting back to the facts]

7. 4-12-81 8-9 a.m. (approx.)
Jim (Mrs meeks ex-husband) goes to Smartt residence to go woodcutting with Marty, and Marty was burning debris in his yard with a pair of shoes that looked like mens shoes. There were police cars at Sue’s house
[RM 7-7-06 1:31 P.M. what I know, 4-16-09 6:28 p.m. strikes me as odd]

8. 4-12-81 9:30 a.m. (approx.)
When Mrs. Meeks got back with Marilyn and her kids, Jim (her ex.) said there were cops all over the place, and Marty was burning leaves in his backyard and there were shoes in them.
[RM 3-22-09 why go back]
*(I don’t think anyone would be dumb enough to burn evidence right under the cops noses.)

9. 4-12-81 9-9:30 a.m. (approx.)
Mrs. Meeks goes to Keddie and picks Marilyn and her two sons up. Marilyn said that the police already talked to her and Justink and they tried to hypnotize Justin and he accused Marty.
[RM 7-30-06 4:26 p.m. things that don’t add up, 1-28-09 2:07 a.m. evidence that Marty is innocent, 3-22-09 4:19 P.M. why go back]

10. 4-12-81 10-10:30 a.m. (approx.)
Marty and Bo stop at the Meeks house with a third person. (Possibly Dee Lake) He tells Marilyn and Mrs Meeks that he’s taking Bo to the hospital in Reno. He tells Wade that he’s picking up car parts.
1[RM 4-30-06 9:35 p.m. tina, where she fits in this, 7-30-06 4:26 p.m. things that don’t add up]
*(Marty knew that Marilyn was at the Meeks house, but not that she left him, apparently. He was civil to Wade and there is nothing to indicate anything unusual in his demeanor)

11. 4-12-81 midafternoon
Wade and Marilyn go back to Smartt residence to move her stuff. The police searched the residence at the time. Marilyn said she remembered the police showed up and asked if they could search, and she also showed them the playhouse. She also said she didn’t see Marty and Bo there. Marilyn went with the cops when they searched.
[Gypsey2 7-8-06 1:53 p.m. what I know,5-5-06 8:06 a.m. catching up, 6-18-06 5:46 a.m. guilty]

12. 4-12-81 midafternoon
When Marilyn and Wade got back to the Meeks residence, Marilyn claims that she saw a bloody hammer and sack in the basement of the Smartt residence. She said nothing to the police about it. *[In 2006, Marilyn couldn't remember saying anything about the bloody hammer and denied she ever said anything about it.]
[RM 5-4-06 1:17 a.m. catching up,7-31-06 4:50 p.m. outside the box]

13. 4-12-81 6-9 p.m. (approx.)
Marty comes home from Reno. Mrs. Meeks says he was agitated, pacing back and forth, and he was high on something. He kept saying he had to get back to Keddie to finish something he started. Mrs Meeks refused to take him to Keddie.
[RM 7-26-06 11:34 a.m. outside the box, 3-22-09 2:47 p.m. why go back]

14. 4-13-81 4 a.m. (approx.)
Marty leaves the Meeks house to go to Keddie.
[RM 7-26-06 11:34 a.m. outside the box, 5-22-09 1:27 p.m. why go back]

15. 4-13-81 unknown time
Police and FBI come to the Meeks house to interview Marilyn and Mrs. Meeks. Marilyn tells about Marty burning clothes. Mrs. Meeks wasn’t in the room to hear that. Mrs. Meeks was told that Justin was hypnotized and they said he didn’t go under deep enough. Mrs. Meeks felt the police were “shining her on”. She thought that the cops thought she was just backing Marilyn up, and that Marilyn would say anything against Marty because she was unhappy in her marriage.
[RM 1-26-06 11:38 a.m. let’s get real, 8-24-06 2:45 p.m. accept it, 10:43 and 11:23 p.m. why go back]

16. 4-13-81 unknown time
Justin is placed into protective custody for approximately two weeks. He was placed with a family in Meadow Valley.
[RM 3-15-09 7:05 p.m. why go back, 11-16-08 12:25 p.m. question for Mrs. Meeks]

17. 4-13-81 6 p.m. (approx.)
Around dusk, Marty stood across the street and was yelling. Jim (Mrs. Meeks ex) sat by the front door with a shotgun. Marty did this off and on for several days.
[RM 7-8-06 4:36 p.m. what I know, 5-3-06 11:04 p.m. catching up, 3-22-09 4:19 p.m. why go back]
*(I believe sometime on the 13th, Marty got the news that Marilyn left him for Wade.)

18. 4-14-81
On the DVD, Marilyn said that Justin playacted a stabbing motion two days after the murders which would put it on April 14th. In the thread answers wanted on 3-30-08 at 10:01 p.m., Richard’s Mother (logged in as guest) posted she talked to Marilyn one time and Marilyn alleged that Justin did the playacting several days after the murders. Mrs. Meeks asked where and when and Marilyn confused and finally decided it happened on the 12th before Mrs. Meeks came and got her. In the thread ‘things that don’t add up on 7-28-08, Marilyn claimed that after she got back to her cabin after talking to Doug Thomas is when Marty told Justin not to do anymore talking or playacting about the murders.

19. 4-23-81
Marilyn filed for divorce from Marty.
[4-29-81 edition of the Feather River Bulletin]

20. 4-12-81 to June or July 1981
Mrs. Meeks states in post that Marilyn and her kids stayed at the Meeks house for 2-3 months then, Marilyn and Wade moved in together at an appartment building next to the Meeks house.
[RM 5-3-07 12:49 P.M. meeks and sharps, 3-16-09 12:15 p.m. why go back]

21. 5-15-81 Time unknown
Wade Meeks is arrested for reckless driving.
[8-26-81 court docket section of the Feather River Bulletin]

22. May, 1981 (approx. date)
(45.) Shortly after the murders, Martin Smartt checks into the same hotel room as John Boubede in Klamath Falls, Oregon, and they share the room.
(52.) It is reported that Martin Smartt checked out of the hotel in Klamath Falls with a white female adult about 30 years old in a red van.

23. 6-10-81
In an article in The Feather River Bulletin called “Murder case labeled ‘frustrating’, Sheriff Doug Thomas states “We’ve looked at a couple of people as possible suspects but through further investigation, they’ve been cleared. One possible suspect was a man who disappeared from Keddie shortly after the slaying and turned up in Oregon. But we gave him a polygraph (lie detector test) and he passed it. He had gone to Oregon for employment.”
*(I believe this could well be a reference to Marty)

24. 2006
Marilyn states that somewhere along the line, Marty was no longer a suspect. She stated also that the police (PCSD and SDJ) cleared them (Marty and Bo). They were free to go.
[Gypsey2 Tue Apr 25, 2006 2:45 p.m. for gypsey again]
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