DVD Part I Transcript

facts surrounding the Keddie Murders, for beginners and up

DVD Part I Transcript

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DVD I transcript:
Opens with picture of Tina then video starts with scanning of town of Keddie
Male announcer saying, “Last April 13, the little resort and railroad town of Keddie, in remote Plumas County, hit the headlines. The county awoke with horror that Monday morning. There had been committed there a crime so bizarre it should have happened in the big city. Indeed it was the reason most Keddie residents had moved to the country – to escape crime.”
“On that spring day, then-Plumas County Sheriff Doug Thomas found the bodies of 36-year-old Glenna Sharp, her 16-year-old son, John, his 17-year-old friend, Dana Wingate. They had been knifed and claw-hammered to death”.
Music interlude; then Title Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders; shows pic of the Keddie Resort sign with child in hunting cap, holding a shotgun; mountains, forest; then another pic of Keddie Resort building with sign. (1:30)
Sheila’s voice saying, “November 1980 is when we moved into Keddie in a small cabin which is #28” (picture of cabin and closeup of #28). Now we see Sheila sitting on porch and she continues, “Rick, Greg slept in one room; my mom, Tina and I slept in another room and Johnny – there was a basement downstairs, and since he was the oldest he got to sleep down there”.
Title: Johnny and Sue – pics of Johnny behind voice
“Johnny had scruffy blonde, I think dirty blonde hair. He had blue eyes and he was small like the rest of us, but, um, don’t get me wrong – he made up in that he was very, very feisty. And I think that night, that’s what happened to him, was he was defending the family which he, you know, he would do at any cost. He always stuck up for me at school or where ever for any of us. And I think that’s what happened to him that night is he was defending mom and Tina and the rest of the family.” (2:46)
Title: KBC Video – California’s Most Wanted – unknown- Keddie, CA – 6/19/89
Most Wanted count down from 10 to 1 – California’s Most Wanted
Scene goes to outside of cabin 28 and pans through door into the inside going from room to room as male announcer talks.
“The scene was horrible beyond belief as Sheila Sharp looked through the window of her mother’s house in Keddie, California. Inside on the living room floor lay the corpses of her mother, her brother and his friend. All had been tortured and viciously murdered. The bodies remained bound and gagged. Dead were 36-year-old Glenna Sharp, (pics now showing of her and family and Dana) the mother of 5; her son John Sharp, a 15-year-old student at Quincy High School; his friend from school, 17-year-old Dana Wingate. No one is quite sure what happened (announcer now seen walking in front of cabin) on that April night in 1981, but police investigators believe the two boys may have been picked up by the suspects as they hitch-hiked home from Quincy, 7 miles away”.
Shows now Doug Thomas as he says, “The two boys were laying prone on the floor; had been tied up, and a... and then on the couch was Sue”.
Quincy Newspaper headline showing – Triple Slaying in Keddie; then a woman begins, “The mother was the type who had a lot of men friends, um, constant comings and goings, as I understand it. (video of Victoria Metcalf, reporter) You know everyone knew that that the family was on welfare and in those days that was not a popular thing to have happen to you here in Plumas County and so you immediately had a sort of stigmatism attached to you. (pics of Sue) You know there were a lot of rumors at the time about, you know, my gosh, the way she deals drugs, it could be anybody. It coulda been a big drug party that got out of hand. Some of the rumors dealt with her sleeping with various men for money.”
Headline: Murder Autopsies reveal no drugs (4:50)
Video now of cousin, Tammie Heleniak as she talks, “My aunt, when she was murdered, was my age now, and she was a mother of five children. And she had 2 teenagers, a pre-teen and then 2 small boys. And she uprooted her family, moved here to be near family, my dad, and tried to make the best of what she could with the skills she had.”
Zonita Seabolt says, “I didn’t feel any better about Sue then because I just felt like she should...I was very judgmental... and thought she should have been a better mother. I wouldn’t let my kids go over there but I always welcomed her kids over to our house, wanted them to be there and be safe, but I, a.... the night it happened they wanted Paula to stay the night and I wouldn’t let her stay, and I just felt that my kids didn’t belong over there.”
Tammie, “My aunt of all people, my cousins – Johnny, my aunt Sue, Dana and Tina – they were no body. They weren’t people that were harassing the shop keepers in Quincy. I don’t believe they were the neighbors that were creating discontent amongst the neighborhood. They were very.....they kept to themselves. Nobody knew them. They weren’t notorious. Yet out of the blue, those 4 people were murdered in this town.”
Now video overview of Keddie area, Quincy sites, Keddie resort sign, Keddie General Store, folks sitting on the grass in the shade (6:43)
“It changed the face of, of Plumas County”, says unidentified man, “because nothing had ever happened before and because nothing like that had ever happened before, it made people a little scared and a little suspicious and... and I’ve been here 30 years and after that happened, I don’t pickup hitchhikers any more unless I know ‘em.”
Another man, “My mom’s still sending me articles in the paper she sees about the Keddie murders. It was a real upset up here and a.a...everyone...a..a...still feels bad about the whole situation. And I can’t believe she still every time she sees something in the paper she’ll send me up an article about it and I’m still... would like to get to the bottom of this one, you know.”
First man, “It makes the area just less innocent than it was before. It was like nothin’ was ever the same after that.”
Third man (Gamberg), “It didn’t just affect Keddie, it affected all of Quincy, all of our county because who would have thought that something this horrific could happen in a small mountain community like this? It’s God’s country.”
Headline: Dana; then pics of Dana
Dana’s father (Gary Wingate) video saying, “Dana, you know, was... he was born prematurely. I believe, you know, if my memory puts it right, I think 7 ½ months. Right from the start, you know, we had troubles physically with him and that carried on through his years, even as becoming a teenager. Through those years with Dana and me and the whole family... I worked a lot, you know, so it was a joke that none of my kids knew me. Who’s that? Oh, that’s your father. (family pics now behind)
Dana’s sister (Cynthia Wingate) video saying, “We used to take Dana and um....dress him up in our, in Rene’s clothes, and a....he had longer hair ‘cause that was the style back then and we would braid up his hair and put makeup on him and my dad would get so mad ‘cause there was 3 girls and 1 boy so he wanted his son. And we would make him look like us and then we would go, ‘Smile, Peaches, smile’. And then we would all laugh and, um, he was just precious.”
Dad again, “Dana was a...I think, more and more, he felt the distance, you know, when he became more and more interested in being outside of the family, you know, staying away and my girls were always staying at home and he ..... as I look back on it, you know, he was spending more time out of the house with friends and all that.”
Pics of newspaper article and victims
Dan Doris, “My wife and I operated a receiving home for the county of Plumas and during the time that we were there Dana Wingate became one of our clients. Living in the group home, Dana had the responsibility of keeping my wife and I informed of where he was at all times. So true to his responsibility, he came to the house on the afternoon of the terrible incident that occurred, and he and Johnny asked if he could go to Johnny’s that evening and spend the night. And with the proviso, my wife insisted that they not hitch hike down to the 7 miles to Keddie, but as we know now, that’s exactly what they ended up doing. (Show mileage sign on highway). (11:00)
The next morning at about 10 o’clock in the morning or so, we got a call from the police and they asked us to come to the mortuary to identify a body, and a....we went down and they were very nice to us, told us what to expect, and we went in and much to our dismay the body was that of Dana. “ (pic of Dana behind)
Mr. Wingate, “I believe it was something a... was to do with the mother. I believe that. (pic of Sue behind) I...I.. mean, to be that brutal...these people....you know...I....something was goin’ on.”
Dan Doris, “Even though this event happened over 20 years ago Dana has been with me and with my, the rest of my family and with the other kids that were in that home during that entire time. I’ve talked to some of the others and they recall what they feel about Dana and there just is no end to this. It goes on and on and on. We don’t feel like we have to quit living or to live in that past, but it’s always with us.”
Headline: Tina (12:23)
Sheila on porch, “When I went over to Alyssas’s that night um..and the night, I didn’t know where Tina was. She could have been outside playin’ or, you know, at the house or who knows at this time. Um... I do know that she wanted to spend the night, but Alyssa and I, we wanted it just to be the older girls, nobody else. We were being stingy, I guess.”
Mrs. Seabolt, “I remember Tina and Sheila coming over and um....Sheila, a...Sheila was going to stay all night with my daughter Alyssa, and Tina wanted to stay and she stayed every Saturday night and so I just thought it would be really nice if Sheila a...stayed by herself that night. (pics of Tina behind)
Cousin Michelle Scoggins, “Tina was just beautiful. She had blonde hair that was kinda shoulder length and it was kind of unkept, but it was, it looked good, you know, looked kinda like she was a free spirit if you will....She had these incredible huge blue eyes that kind of overpowered her whole self, I mean, and that’s what captured you when you looked at her, you didn’t see really her hair or anything like that, you were just captivated by her eyes.”
Sheila, “I remember Tina as being a little bit slow. At school, she was in special ed, education classes and, um...that’s all I can relate to her being slow, because she was a normal kid to me.” (School pics of Tina’s class in background)
Virginia Ball, “As a student, Tina was..a...not at grade level a.....she was in a special ed class and was getting extra help. I would help her one-on-one but she really didn’t get the help that she needed at home. She was um...struggling with everything. Um...but she was one of the sweetest, nicest little girls I think I’ve ever had.” (More pics of Tina)
Headline: April 12th 1981 (14:49)
Keddie Resort Road sign on highway – “The Sharps” sign outside Cabin 28 – video of the blood-soaked front room.
Sheila, “When I walked in the house that morning, um....what I saw was a person right at the door with their hands and feet tied. (pic of jeans-clad person and man’s hand with instrument pulling up ties to show) I dropped all my....I guess I had sleeping bag, clothes...right there, and ran back to the Seabolts where I stayed the night the night before.”
Mrs. Seabolt, “She was back in just a few minutes and she was just screamin’ and crying hysterically. She says, ‘My God! There’s 3 dead people in my house!’ a....and she didn’t know who they were. And a....I ran across the street to the....we didn’t have a phone and I ran across to the people that owned the house – owned Keddie at the time and I...a....had them call the Sheriff.”
Sheila, “One of the things I did see as well, was a knife which I thought at the time was a pocket knife and come to find out it was a bent steak knife (pic behind) that they had used on ...I don’t know if all of them or one of ‘em.”
Headline: During the murders, Rick and Greg Sharp, ages 13 and 5, were sleeping in a side bedroom. A friend, Justin, was with them. He was 12 years old. (16:11)
Sheila, “After the police were called we didn’t... ran back to the, my house next to the side window where Rick, Greg and Justin were sleeping and got them out through the window..ummm...I did not want them to see what I saw and who knows if somebody else was still in the house at the time.”
Mr. Wingate, “Apparently the bodies are pretty hard to tell who’s, they were bashed in so bad or something of that effect. What amazes me is the kids sleeping in the bedroom didn’t hear a thing. How can that be?”
Headline: Under the condition that his last name and location not be revealed, Justin agreed to an interview. (16:53)
Justin, “There’s ....a very..... good chance that I had a...witnessed something, um...whether it be the crime itself or the aftermath. The morning after the crime had occurred I w.... ...after the police arrived I was being interviewed by Doug Thomas and we...he, he conducted the interview inside of his patrol car, uh.... probably because it was raining out and we didn’t want to be exposed to the elements. I had made several remarks in reference to ‘Where is Tina? Tina’s missing’ and the Sheriff or the detective was not acknowledging any of the statements that I was a...saying and um..it...he had to be interrupted by my mother and told ‘Will you be quiet for a moment and listen to what this person, what this boy is telling you? He is telling you that it is Tina who is missing’.”
Marilyn Lockwood, Justin’s mother “What Justin was saying was that, ‘no, that’s not Tina that’s in there, that’s Sue in there’. And to go look for Tina. ‘Tina’s missing’. He kept saying that over and over. ‘Tina’s missing’.”
Doug Thomas (from 1981 file footage), “We’re trying to locate Tina. We believe that a....she’s an integral part of this and that she may be the clue that we’re looking for. She’s a girl of 12 years of age, with shoulder-length hair. It’s dark blonde in color and she has light blue eyes. She’s very slightly built and one would maybe mistake her for a 9-year-old.“ (pics of Tina behind)
Interviewer: “Are you going on the assumption that she’s been kidnapped or a run-away?
Thomas, “Well, we know that she was in the residence and at this point we have to go under the assumption that the assailant or assailants a....took her with them.”
Cousin Michelle, “ I just assumed that somebody took her because she was so ....she was so pretty and that they just wanted her to be their own. I mean, I had no idea at that time, I was so naive, um....that anything horrible could happen, but I just figured, you know, they wanted her so badly that they would do anything to have her.”
Mrs. Ball, “When the um...Keddie murders happened, Tina was not found. They didn’t know where she was. And...umm...I went out looking for her. Um...I always thought that if she were alive, she would come to me. She knew where I lived. She knew I cared about her. And...umm....she never came, so I was out trampin’ around in the mountains and I’d get in my car and I’d go down the...I’d go down the canyon and I’d go into all the little roads and streets..a...roads down there...a..just seeing if I could find something. Um..I still can’t go down the canyon without thinking about Tina.”
Announcer: “For Plumas County, the Keddie Murders were indeed a shock. After all this county only has 17,000 people. Only 33 sworn officers and at one point, one-fifth of those investigators were working on the Keddie murder and kidnap.”
Mike Gamberg, former deputy, “Politics played a big role in the whole thing. A....we had a Sheriff that....a....was trying to make probably more of a name for himself rather than relying on the expertise of the Department of Justice when it first started out...uh...he tryed to do things himself. And I think, hurt the case quite a bit.”
Headline: The investigation (20:42)
Thomas (current), “We, we collected evidence from throughout the room and from throughout the house, actually. Anything that we could a....believe that had a connection with the homicides. We even tore a...tore some panels off the wall...a...because there was blood there, and a...then all of that was sent to the Department of Justice in Sacramento for analyzation.”
Larry Ott, former FBI agent, “The most...a....kind of strange thing for me was that the walls, forward and backward, a....of that room, had knife marks like somebody had been throwing a knife trying to stick it in the wall.”
Thomas, “At the time I had been...a...using hypnosis. I’d gone to 2 different training sessions to learn hypnosis a.... to get recall from witnesses. We took Justin and, and put him under hypnosis and a....under hypnosis Justin...um....a... didn’t actually say that he saw anything, but he described watching Loveboat and then in detail talked about the fight and talked about Sue and talked about at the end Sue was thrown overboard.”
Justin, “I had indicated body placements which were, from what I understand, very close to being correct, if not correct.”
Thomas, “He heard the loud noises, the scuffles, the noises that were being made, you know, in the living room and he was probably peeking out from behind the bedroom door.”
Headline: Under hypnosis, Justin saw two men in cabin 28 that night. (22:34)
Sketches behind man’s voice: “Police artists have drawn these composite sketches of the 2 suspects. If you know anything about the murders or recognize the men in these drawings, call 1-800-78CRIME. Help put these men behind bars. They are 2 of California’s most wanted.”
Headline: Justin lived with his mother and stepfather, Martin Smartt. John “Bo” Boubede, a family friend, lived with them.
Marilyn, “When I saw the composites, I did see my ex-husband in those composites, as well as a man that he had met over in the VA mental hospital.”
La Rhonda Meeks, family friend, “These are the pictures that came out in the newspaper that had committed the murder, and we had noticed that if you took the top half of one guy and put it with the bottom half of the other guy’s face, it was almost a carbon copy of Bo and Marty. And this is what it would look like on the one, and kind of like that on the other one.” (she demonstrates with folded copies of the sketches)
Thomas, “Martin Smartt lived just around the corner, like maybe 3 houses away – 2 to 3 houses, but just around the corner. And Bo was a friend of his and its my understanding that they had met at the VA hospital um.....and developed a friendship, and of course, the night of the homicide they had visited the a...the bar in the hotel, and the people just were suspicious of them.”
Marilyn, “He wanted to stop in and see if Sue would go down to the lounge with us and I tried to tell ‘em that no, she wouldn’t go. She doesn’t drink. She’s not that way. And he said well Bo needs a partner and I said well she won’t go and he insisted – you go and talk; you go ask her. And so I said okay, okay I’ll go ask her, but she won’t go. And I did. I went and asked and she didn’t wanna go. And so they were both upset about that.”
Headline: Marilyn went to bed early that night. Martin and Bo remained at the bar until late that evening. (24:59)
Marilyn, “I, I did wake up...it was, oh it had to have been probably 2 in the morning or so, and I heard noise and I did get up, and I went to the bedroom door, and I saw them burning something in the wood stove.”
Glenna Meeks, family friend, “Well, Marty had went to Reno the day after the murder, and he come home about 5, 6 o’clock – it was in the afternoon – and he was real high on something and he kept sayin’, ‘Well, I gotta go to Keddie! I gotta go to Keddie’ and I’d say, ‘Marty, you don’t need to go to Keddie. Somebody’s out there killin’ somebody, and you don’t need to be goin’. And he says, ‘Well, I gotta go’ and he was walkin’ up and down the room, up and down the room and sayin’, ‘I gotta go. There’s somethin’ I gotta finish. Something I started that had to be finished. I’ve got to go finish it.’ And I kept arguing with him and said, ‘Marty you don’t need to go. I’ll take you in the morning.’ But he kept saying that over and over, ‘I gotta go back. I gotta go there. Something I gotta finish. Something I started. Something I gotta, I gotta finish. I hafta go.’ And I finally talked him, about 9 o’clock at night, I talked him into staying. He says, ‘Okay.’ He said, ‘I’ll stay.’ But all that evening he was, just walked, just like a caged animal, walkin’ up and down, up and down, and repeating himself. And sometime, about 4 o’clock in the morning, he got up and left. And he went, I guess, to Keddie.”
Interviewer: And what do you think he might have been...why do you think he wanted to go down there?
Mrs. Meeks, “Well, I...they think that maybe he knew where Tina was. I think that maybe he left some evidence there that he had to get rid of.”
Thomas, “We went to the Smartt residence and, with their permission, searched the residence and an outbuilding, looking for any kind of clues that might, you know, connect him to the crime and then...umm....Department of Justice had some agents assigned to the case and they extensively interviewed both Bo and Martin and um... and then myself and Ken Shanks, we interviewed them. We went to great detail to make sure in our own minds that they were not involved.”
Marilyn, “They were going through the cupboards. Ummm, Marty was a,,,, he was a...chef, and he had all kinds of knives and so forth. They found, I guess they found like duct tape; they found his knives and stuff; I think one was missing or someone found a hangman’s noose that was way up on top. They found um....Hustler magazines that I didn’t even know existed.”
Headline: The Smartt home had a large basement and shed. (27:53)
Marilyn, “They found a jacket down under the house that belonged to Tina that had some blood on it. They also found the kids...the kids had their little shack just up the road, and a.....from out cabin, and the kids had a little clubhouse type thing in there. And the police, when I went out to get some clothing, the a.... the detectives the sheriff, some deputies met me out there, and we went up to the clubhouse. And I noticed something that I know wasn’t like that before, and I questioned whether Tina might have been held there, because the floorboards were torn up and I know the kids didn’t do it. We asked. And it wasn’t like that when I had been out there that weekend. But the floorboards were tore up and we kinda wondered if that’s where Tina had been. “
Thomas, “Marty was always calling on the phone...a...with little tidbits of information. Normally they were things that were designed to throw the suspicion somewhere else.”
Headline: Thomas did not recall a bloody jacket being found. He did, however, offer this theory. (29:24)
Thomas, “Yeah, there was several things that brought some suspicion to Tina. Um....the fact that the wires that were used to tie the boys came from Tina’s bedroom. Where she shared that with Sue. And um...then in doing an examination of everything in the house, we learned that a shoebox that had been made as a school project, was missing from the kitchen. And um....we found that really strange. There was nothing else really missing from the house other than that shoebox, and we learned that Tina had a real liking or fixation on that tool...or that shoebox. And we just assumed that when she left, that that shoebox went with her. And um....to my knowledge that shoebox has never been recovered.”
Justin, “I believe it to be approximately 2 days after the crime occurred, I was talking to my brother and this is a story that my mother tells me. I was speaking with my brother and I was telling him some details, or talking, or not details, I was talking to him about the crime.”
Marilyn, “Casey and Justin were playing on the floor. I remember that and I don’t remember what day. It was just right after it though. And I caught Justin saying, ‘No, Casey. You have to do it this way.’ And he was having Casey stab him. He said, ‘Cause I have to stop your arm.’ And so Casey was supposed to try and stab him and then he, he would grab his arm to stop him. And then, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Justin was saying, ‘I have to protect Sue. I have to protect Sue.’ And then Marty, he grabbed Justin and he jerked him up and he said, ‘You’ll never talk about this again! Ever!’ and he took him outside and I don’t know what was said to Justin outside, but Justin didn’t talk to, about it again. After Marty threatened him, is when he shut everything down. Up to that point, he was talking to Doug. But then when Mar..., I think Marty caused him to forget. Because we are almost certain.....he knew that Tina was gone. He knew she was missing. He knew that the female out there was Sue. He knew that it was Johnny. He knew that it was Dana. All the blood. The glass. All of that. He could describe all that stuff. So either he walked through the scene after the fact, or he could have been standing. The way it was situated, he could have been standing in the little hall next to the doorway, and could have seen it all. Tina woulda’ had to come all the way down the hall where he was....and his tennis shoes. They took his tennis shoes and they told me that there was evidence that he had walked through the scene on those tennis shoes. We don’t know what happened to those tennis shoes.”
Headline: Thomas did not recall anything about Justin’s shoes. He retired from his position shortly after the murders. (33:04)
Ken Shanks, who filled the position at the time, refused to talk to us.
Gamberg, “The Keddie homicide has always been a ...an important case as far as I was concerned. It got, didn’t get as much attention as I think it should have.”
Headline: The case went unsolved. The Sharp children were placed into foster care in the Pacific Northwest.
Tina remained missing for 3 years. (Newspaper headline in back ground – Tina Sharp still missing – Tina Sharp feared dead. Pics of Tina)
Mrs. Ball, “How I found out about Tina was my kids went to church and they found out about it at church. Just as soon as they could get to a telephone they called me and told me what had happened.”
Sheila, “We were on a trip with my youth group in California when my foster dad, who was also one of the youth leaders, took myself and my cousins aside and informed me that they found Tina. And at that time, you know, I got all excited, like where is she? Can we see her now? And come to find out, she was dead.”
Headline: Tina was found in a remote location known as Feather Falls, about 50 miles from the Keddie Resort. (34:44)
Don Stoy, Evidence Technician, “The condition of her body at the time she was discovered left very little for us to..a...to use to determine what may or may not have happened. There was some skeletal remains and that was it. And those didn’t produce anything like um... knife cuts on the bones or crushed in skull or somethin’ like that. None of that was present. So still today, I don’t think we can honestly say what she actually died from.”
Cousin Tammie, “Who was she? Who was Tina? She was an 11-12 year old girl who lived here in Keddie, California for a very short time and attended school in Quincy, um...that was, I mean, there’s 12 years of history here somewhere. There’s a little girl, who had a life, before she was murdered.”
Sheila, “I did go back to Quincy in the late 80s to visit um....some friends and then I also at that time went and visited my mom and everybody’s grave. And I noticed at that time that Tina had a little tin placque. (pic in background) It disappointed me greatly knowing that mom and Johnny had a decent one but Tina didn’t and there was nothin’ I could do at that time to fix it.”
Headline: In 2002, a memorial service was held for Tina Sharp. A proper headstone replaced the tin marker.
Sheila (at cemetery), “First of all, thanks to everybody for comin’ to this. It has been a long time coming for Tina. Um.....Tina, (Sheila is tearful and tries to compose herself) Tina, as you guys can tell, she’s our little angel. She’s always, I, I know, looked over us and our family; helped us get where we are today; and this is also to help Tina. To put her at rest. She didn’t have this. She was a joy. I miss her. She was my best friend. I miss my sister. And I want everybody to know that she was well-loved and she’s in our hearts. (pics of Tina) She always will be. She’s lookin’ over us and in our prayers. Thank you again, everybody.”
Family pics.
Mrs. Meeks, “I don’t know that I have a whole bunch to say. But Sue was my ...her name was Glenna and mine is too. That was odd anyway, so she was called Sue, and I was her best friend and all my children and all her children were like brothers and sisters. They lived at my house or her house. And Tina and all of ‘em and Johnny was my boy’s best friend and I mean he was like one of my own children and so was Sheila, and Sheila and I have a special bond because Sheila has a daughter named Melissa, she’s here somewhere, and that is also my grand daughter. And unfortunately, I didn’t meet her until today. So anyway, it happened a long long time ago and you know the image kind of drifts out of your mind but you don’t ever forget, never. And all the horror that that child must have went through, and I just, and I’m glad they found her and I’m glad it’s comin’ to a closure.”
Scenes of Sheila and her son; of babies and people hugging; of Rick and Greg and people hugging and Tina’s headstone next to Johnny’s and Sue’s.
Headline: Epilogue (39:15)
Pans to 1995 newspaper article with headline: Once-popular resort barely clings to map. County condemns 25 buildings in Keddie.
Headline: in 2004, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office agreed to show Sheila Sharp a timeline of the murders.
(Sheila enters Sheriff’s Department)
Law Enforcement officer points to timeline around room, “Okay, we’ve kind of moved it a bit – I think you’ve seen it before, but it pretty much starts here with – let’s look at the date that it actually starts – they even have stuff mentioned from June of 1980 and then starts working through with some of the victims involved and other people that could be involved, to where it reaches um....the time that the homicide occurs and then some of the investigation that was done afterwards and ...”
Sheila asks a question I can’t understand.....
LE: “I think just where, just some information they got while the investigation was going on, it just may kind of set the stage for certain things or the possibilities.”
Headline: Detectives refused to answer questions about Martin Smartt, but we did film these details from the timeline. (40:50)
• While under hypnosis Justin describes two suspects who did the killings to Reno police department artist Harlan Embrey. Mr. Embrey drew a composite of the suspects.
• Michael Bowers said that the composites look like Martin Smart for one and the other one like John Sessions or Wade Dale Meeks. Both attend F.R.C. and were strange individuals.
• Terry Alger said that he knew that Martin Smartt and another guy who he (Alger) didn’t know, had done the murders. Alger also said that it was because of a big dope deal and someone was at the wrong place.
• Marilyn F. Smartt said she felt her husband Martin and his friend John Boubede could have committed the murders.
• “Bo” tells Marilyn Smartt that it wouldn’t bother him to kill a child or a broad, states Marilyn.
• Dale W. Meeks was being booked at Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. Inmate Martin R. Smartt observed Meeks and began yelling at Meeks about dope and Smartt stated that “You know I got her, Meeks, and I’m going to get you in the same way.”

Headline: After the murders, Martin Smartt was arrested for getting into a knife fight. Marilyn never saw him again. (41:56)
Marilyn, “When they released him from jail, he was told not to come around the Meeks’s house; not to notify me. He was told basically, ‘Get out of town’. I’ve gotta back up a little bit. You know, my daughter was living with us for awhile. She was terrified of him and I didn’t know this. But she ran away. And she went back up to Oregon with her step mother, because of him, and after all this happened, she received a phone call up there and she does not know who called her. But it was the same night that, well, the night after it happened, she received a phone call up there, telling her that she could be next if she didn’t keep her mouth shut, which scared her to death. She has no idea who it was that called. Because at that point, they didn’t even know anything about it up there.
Headline: in 1997, the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office told Sheila Sharp that Martin Smartt was dead. But Smartt did not die until the spring of 2000. He was remarried and living in Portland, Oregon at the time. (43:15)
Marilyn, “I received a post card. And this was many months later, like 6,7 months later, I received a post card saying, all it said was ‘Bo is dead. Marty’. That’s all it said. I don’t know how he died. I know that it came from Portland Oregon. I’m assuming that’s where they were at.
Headline: John “Bo” Boubede is actually still alive. He lives in Holiday, Florida.
Thomas, “It’s,it’s the idea that at least 2 people committed this crime and it’s, and it’s just bothersome to know that they’re still not apprehended, that they’re still out there. If they were capable of committing such a heinous crime in ’81, like you say, 22 years ago, it’s just amazing that they haven’t committed some other ones since then.
Headline: The Keddie Murders case remains unsolved. (44:23) The Plumas County Sheriff’s Office admits that some of the DNA evidence was never analyzed. Cabin 28, and any potential evidence inside, was destroyed in the summer of 2004.
(Scene of machinery demolishing cabin)
produced, written and edited by Josh Hancock
shot by Jeff Bengford, Josh Hancock and Angeline Patel
Special thanks to: (45:10)

(Transcribed by bigsis in October of 2012. Note from transcriber: “Please don’t hold me responsible for errors in transcription – I went over it many times, until my eyes were bloodshot and my fingers didn’t work anymore”)
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Re: DVD Part I Transcript

Postby Eastern » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:29 pm

Thank you so much for doing that bigsis! That was a huge amount of work.

This stood out to me and it's something I didn't remember from part 1 - Marilyn is talking about Justin in this part.

bigsis wrote:He knew that the female out there was Sue. He knew that it was Johnny. He knew that it was Dana. All the blood. The glass. All of that. He could describe all that stuff.

He knew about "the glass". Hmmmm, is that the mysterious glass with the bloody fingerprint?
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