What the Mollaths were paying Gary to manage the Resort

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What the Mollaths were paying Gary to manage the Resort

Postby Eastern » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:09 am

Copying this from another thread -

dmac wrote:

Here is my best link to what "Keddie" was in 1981- this is the area 'owned' and 'controlled' by Albin/Hogaboam, although Mollath was being paid triple figures to live across the highway and do JACK SHIT- he was being paid by his corrupt family to watch Keddie, which was being leased for a sum far lower than he was being paid. Duh, let's look at THAT angle as to why the murders were covered up


Dmac, ache, and I discovered an error in the document that said what the Mollath's were paying Gary in 1979 to manage the resort. There was a typo in the court document from when they were challenged by the California Board of Equalization for their deductions, with Gary's salary being one of the deductions. The correct figure they paid him was $43,481.48. In one part of the document, whoever typed it made a mistake and put an 8 for the $ sign - 843,481.48. The correct amount was in another part of the document and was in Gary's income tax return.

So, all these years it was posted that he was being paid nearly a million dollars per year to manage the resort and all the implications that went along with that, but he was actually being paid $43,481.48. Still a nice salary in 1979 for a 23 year old, but nowhere near the ludicrous amount of $843,481.48.
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Re: What the Mollath's were paying Gary to manage the Resort

Postby Princess » Mon Sep 17, 2012 11:01 am

Here is a link: http://www.boe.ca.gov/legal/pdf/86-sbe-026.pdf , Here is a copy of the paragraph that shows the figure amount,

Appellant is the president of English Properties,
Inc., a corporation engaged in leasing properties, and
lists his occupation as property manager. For 1979,
appellant claimed.deductions of $43,481.48 for salary
paid to his son, Gary Mollath, and $12,000.00 for a
business bad debt from an ,uncollectable note. He also
reported 40 percent of the capital gains from the sale of
Keddie Tree Farm. Respondent audited appellant's 1979
return, disallowing the claimed deductions and recomputing the reportable capital gains at 50 percent rather
than 40 percent.
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