Feather River in Relation to the Crime Scenes

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Feather River in Relation to the Crime Scenes

Postby dmac » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:27 pm

Lots of speculation over the years about what relation water- in particular the Feather River- has in relation to the crime scenes. Some have even speculated that Tina was swept downriver from the river behind Cabin 28 (elevation 3170 ft) to where she was found (3950 ft). Simply not true.

While Spanish Creek is a tributary to the Feather River, it flows into the East Branch of the North Feather River.

Most importantly, Tina was found at Camp Eighteen, which is six miles east of the nearest point of the Feather River. Camp Eighteen is at around 3950 ft in elevation. The Feather River, at it's nearest point to C18, is 900 ft in elevation. Feather Falls is at about 1800 feet at the top, 900 at the bottom.

Feather Falls is also often mentioned in relation to the location of Tina. The reference is to an old mill town about 4 miles southeast of the actual falls, and not a reference to the Falls at all-- much less the river. The town of Feather Falls (mainly a couple cabins and a school) is around 3500 feet in elevation.

There is no active railway in the area, nor was there in 1981, much less one connected to the railway in Keddie. The only access to Camp Eighteen was by vehicle.

Conclusion: As water cannot flow uphill and magically jump over miles of mountain tops, Tina was taken to Camp Eighteen in a car.

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